Running the Gauntlet to the Red Sea


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Hi Cruising Sailors
This week we start to follow the annual migration of cruising sailors from the Eastern waters of Indonesia and Thailand across the Indian Ocean, through the Pirate Zone of the Gulf of Aden and up the Red Sea, heading for the Med. We will follow the fleet through the eyes and ears of Ian Potter, veteran of 27 Hobarts now turned cruising sailor, and his partner Helen.

In this issue too, the winning European cruising yachts of all lengths are announced, with links to their sites, and the Museum of Yachting has inducted four solo sailing greats into the Hall of Fame. Read on to see who they are...

The week’s update of Dee Caffari’s amazingly good progress is there, and lots of other news for the cruising sailor

Have a good week, and
Sail Safe

Nancy Knudsen
Cruising Editor

Running the Gauntlet
By Rob Kothe,
Every February around 80-150 cruising yachts begin the migration from the Indian Ocean up the Red Sea to reach the Mediterranean. This year well known Australian racing sailor Ian (Buggsy) Potter and his partner Helen, in their cruising boat Sundancer II, will be among the number.... [more]

Seaside Summer Restaurants–Turkey’s Cruising Icon.
By Nancy Knudsen,
There is nothing more typical of cruising life in Turkey than the ubiquitous summer restaurant found in bays and anchorages throughout the cruising grounds. We profile one of these, and talk about its problems of being part of the National Heritage.... [more]

Solo Sailing Greats into Hall of Fame
By Nancy Knudsen,
In an announcement yesterday, four all time sailing greats will be inducted into the Single-Handed Hall of Fame in the Museum of Yachting. They are Ellen MacArthur, Bertie Reed, Minoru Saito and Jean-Luc van den Heede. See their profiles here...... [more]

Whitsunday Charter pioneers continue expansion
By Al Constable,
Famous for the blue waters, white pristine beaches, quiet anchorages and magnificent scenery, the Whitsunday Island group, lies midway along the Queensland coast, in the heart of the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef. This is a major centre for Australia’s bare boat charter industry and over the coming months we will be talking to the key charter companies around the country.... [more]

Dee Caffari’s Round World Solo-Week’s Update
By Sail-World,
As Dee enters her twelfth week at sea, she has taken a dive southwards to avoid a new low-pressure system headed her way. While this will give her better sailing, it will also involve a stark drop in temperature.... [more]

News in Brief
By Cruising Editor,
Whitsunday Specials, Environment the priority for Bateau Bleu Award, Melbourne’s Volvo Stopover, Getting a boat under ANY bridge, Oceanic Whitsunday Boat and Leisure Show.... [more]

Exotic sailing holiday? What about Tonga?
By Cruising Editor,
Following the successful Kalia Cup of 2005, the tiny Kingdom of Tonga will once again welcome the 2006 rally in October this year. The quaintly named Vava’u Islands are the cruising grounds chosen by the organiser, Mariner Boating.... [more]

2006 Winning European Boats Announced – See the PIX
By Sail-World,
If you’re thinking of acquiring a new sailing boat in the near future, it will be hard to ignore considering the winning European Boats of the Year for 2006. The boats are chosen by a jury of 10 European boating magazines from 10 countries, and announced on Day One of the Duesseldorf Boat Show.... [more]

2006 Melbourne Stopover
Volvo Ocean Race 2005 / 06, the world's premier ocean race, features nine offshore legs, starting in Vigo, Spain in November 2005 and finishing in Gothenburg -
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Piracy and the Cruising sailor

What does the cruising sailor do about the issues of Piracy? Where are the worst areas? Should one carry arms? How does that complicate arrivals into foreign countries?...
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Weather for cruisers

A quick uncomplicated summary of the many different aspects of weather information available, most now from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology....
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