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Hi Sail-World Advertiser,

Did you know that people are 12 times more likely to pay attention to a piece of editorial than they are to an advertisement?

Did you know that records 125,000 page views EVERY day - half a million unique visitors each year?

We launched Sail-World Cruising in December, and in 2006 we will be sending the Sail-World Cruising newsletter to 20,000 sailors each week.

What an audience for your product!

As an advertiser with appeal to the cruising sailor, we want your expert articles, and will publish them, with free credits to your company.

We’d love to get any story that would be of general interest to the cruising sailor, but here are some ideas:

Advice and discussion about your area of the marine industry
Anecdotes which are funny, interesting or bizarre.
Profiles of interesting people
Adventures of sailors with whom you have had contact

In the cruising area, sailors have time to read. If you’ve sold products to sailors who would like to write about their experiences, or are sufficiently enthusiastic to be interesting interview subjects, please put us in contact with them.

This is an important audience. Start thinking and writing today – and DON’T worry about the style – that’s likely to give you ‘writer’s block’ – just give us the information, and we'll do the rest.

I’ll be hearing from you VERY SOON – won't I?


Nancy Knudsen
Cruising Editor Sail-World.

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2006 Melbourne Stopover
Volvo Ocean Race 2005 / 06, the world's premier ocean race, features nine offshore legs, starting in Vigo, Spain in November 2005 and finishing in Gothenburg -
For more details and news for this event, go to:

Piracy and the Cruising sailor

What does the cruising sailor do about the issues of Piracy? Where are the worst areas? Should one carry arms? How does that complicate arrivals into foreign countries?...
For more details and news for this event, go to:

Weather for cruisers

A quick uncomplicated summary of the many different aspects of weather information available, most now from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology....
For more details and news for this event, go to:

Customised news feeds

Marine Industry companies, Clubs and Associations have asked can they received their own customised version of our Sail-World news feed. The answer is yes, customised in content, news category, for example dinghies, small keelboats or just monohull racing, or Region of the world and appearance.

CLICK HEREto view examples and get free news tickers for your site
Too much sailing news? Not enough?

Change the frequency of newsletters, from once a week to a monthly newsletter.
Change from html (graphics & pictures) newsletters to text only newsletter, (best for slow connections, mobile phones and PDA’s etc. Change from Sail-World Australia Newsletters to Sail-World Cruisng Newsletters etc. Temporarily inactivate your subscription for a period, when you will be on holidays etc. or change to text for the same period. Or even (gasp) unsubscribe.