Two Pacific Rescues, Pirate Arrests, Awards for Courage – and Cruising Tonga!


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The world’s oceans seemed to be full of drama this week. Two separate rescues of disabled yachts in the Pacific have ended in success, finally some Somali pirates have been arrested by the US Navy, and a catamaran lost off the coast of Thailand (reported on Sail-World some weeks ago) has turned up – in India!

This week’s destination is the beautiful cruising ground of Tonga, where The Moorings have some nice charter yachts for your next holiday.

We also introduce the amazing C-Pod, an intelligent ‘baby-sitter’ for your boat when you’re not there – the boat can’t sink, be stolen, run out of battery without an alarm being sent to you.

Two awards were announced this week: - one for an (unsponsored) ‘North-about’ circumnavigation through the North West Passage and across the top of Russia; and the other for the rescue of some thirsty refugees by some sailors in training. Both great sailing stories – read on!

Have a great week, and
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Nancy Knudsen
Cruising Editor

North Polar Circumnavigator wins Blue Water Medal
By Barby MacGowan,
He built the boat and then he sailed it from Ireland via Greenland through the North West Passage, over the northern coast of Canada, via Alaska, across the Bering Straits to the northern coast of Russia, then via Norway and Scotland back to Ireland. No he isn't mad, but he IS Irish, and now he's deservedly won the Cruising Club of America's famed Blue Water Medal.... [more]

NZ Yachties rescued by NZ Rescue 'Copter
By Sail-World/,
New Zealand:!Stuff!same reported this week that two yachties were winched to safety off their battered yacht early today by rescue helicopter, 65 kilometres south of Cape Palliser.... [more]

Destination TONGA!
By Nancy Knudsen,
The Island Kingdom of Tonga is a blue expanse just above the Tropic of Capricorn and about 3200 km north east of Sydney Australia. It has 170 islands making an idyllic cruising ground.... [more]

New Superyacht Marina for Downunder
By Sail-World,
The $250 million Rivergate project, one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, will result in a 104 berth deep access marina, 15 minutes from Brisbane's inner city, 10 minutes from the Airport and 6nm from Moreton Bay.... [more]

Kilo found in the Nicobars
By Chris Sieber/,
Kilo, the Silkline 510 cruising cat that went missing from Phuket recently, has been found in the Nicobar Islands.... [more]

US Navy Arrests Pirates - Hope for Sailors?
By Nancy Knudsen,
The presence of a more active US Navy and a new Somali contract for security could mean less danger for cruising sailors on their way through the Gulf of Aden this year.... [more]

School Ship Recognised for Sea Drama Rescue of 51
By Barby MacGowan,
When 22 college students set out from Key West Florida with a crew of 11 for a standard six week 'Sea Education Association' training voyage last year, they had no idea that they would become involved in a dramatic sea rescue in the Caribbean.... [more]

English Yacht Designer rescued off Mexico
By Cruising Editor,
English yacht designer Richard Woods and American crewmember Jetti Mantzke were rescued from their 33ft catamaran Eclipse off the coast of Mexico yesterday, 90 miles from Haultuclo at a position of S 15°42'/W 94°42'.... [more]

C-Pod for Total Yacht Security-Product of the Week
By IBI News,
You’ll never have to fret about your boat again if everything Pilotfish says about their new product is true. The beer will even be cold for your arrival. C-pod is a Yacht Management System, where you can survey and manage your yacht via the web or a mobile phone. The C-pod is your 'eyes and ears' onboard.... [more]

2006 Eastern Med Rally – an Exotic Sail
By Sail-World,
On 24th April this year, the 2006 Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally will again depart from Istanbul, cruise down the coast of Turkey, then, with stops in Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt, will end in Herzliya, Israel on the 21st June.... [more]

2006 Melbourne Stopover
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Piracy and the Cruising sailor

What does the cruising sailor do about the issues of Piracy? Where are the worst areas? Should one carry arms? How does that complicate arrivals into foreign countries?...
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Weather for cruisers

A quick uncomplicated summary of the many different aspects of weather information available, most now from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology....
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