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This week I wore out a lot of Nike rubber walking the London Boat Show, the biggest ever, and there's lots to report....

The Desination of the Week is Turkey, but it's such a long and idyllic cruising ground that we'll be returning again and again in more detail.

This week Sydney Sailor Rob Starkey recounts how his mast came down in 30kts of wind during a two-handed Saturday race, and Jonathan Crowe tells us all how to care for our boats when they are to be left for any significant time in a marina.

There's also information that we all should have when cruising Australian waters about the fine services that the Volunteer Coastguard offer, and last but most importantly there's a report on Dee Caffari's solo rounding of Cape Horn.

Have a great week, and Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen
Cruising Editor

London Boat Show - Big Stars and Better Products.
By Nancy Knudsen,
By the closing day of 15th January over 160,000 visitors are expected to have visited the London Boat Show. Arriving on a bleak and drizzly day at the show by Docklands Light Rail, it felt like 159,000 were arriving at the same time as we were... [more]

Top Gadgets of the London Boat Show
By Nancy Knudsen,
After spending two long foot-weary days at the London Boat Show, we've picked the top gadgets for their innovativeness, usefulness, and good design.... [more]

Destination - Turkey
By Nancy Knudsen,
Turkey is emerging as one of the most alluring destinations for Mediterranean cruising. This article introduces the several coastlines and some of the most attractive anchorages, as well as the insider story on planning a cruising holiday... [more]

Break a mast? Every Sailor's Nightmare
By Rob Starkey,
Windsong is a fast cruising boat which is primarily used by its owners Rob Starkey and Donna Rohrs for pleasure cruising from the Broken Bay cruising grounds just north of Sydney. In this intimate story Rob recounts the nightmare we all fear, breaking a mast.... [more]

Batten hatches it’s the Cyclone Season - or is it?
By Jonathan Crowe,
The last place you want to be with your sailing boat is in a cyclone. Yet though the seasonal threat of cyclones is a fact of life in Queensland, the sailing industry continues to thrive... [more]

Volunteer Coastguard - What Without Them?
By Sail-World,
The great support that Australian Volunteers offer to boats doing coastal passages was recognised in New South Wales recently when NSW Maritime announced that $740,000 would be provided in grants this year to the volunteer services.... [more]

From the Old Salt's Treasure Chest 10th Jan 2006
By Sail-World,
This week's sailing story, and Sailing Hint of the Week - Retrieving your Anchor... [more]

Milang to Goolwa Freshwater Classic
By Event Media,
The Milang Goolwa Freshwater Classic is a tradition in South Australia every January. Over 300 yachts including trailer sailors, multi-hulls, off the beach cats, dinghies and classic Goolwa riverboats gather for the major sporting and family event.... [more]

Dee and Aviva Challenge round the Horn
By Georgina Spring,
Solo yachtswoman Dee Caffari today rounded Cape Horn and braced herself for the next 80 days braving the treacherous conditions in the Southern Ocean.... [more]

New Products 5th January, 2006
By Sail-World,
New airconditioning system for cruising boats and new design quiet water pressure pumps in this week's IBI new products:... [more]

Weekly Piracy Report 27Dec-02Jan2006
By Sail-World,
The following is a summary of the daily reports broadcast by the IMB's Piracy Reporting Centre to ships in Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean Regions on the SafetyNET service of Inmarsat-C from 27 December 2005 to 2 January 2006... [more]

2006 Melbourne Stopover
Volvo Ocean Race 2005 / 06, the world's premier ocean race, features nine offshore legs, starting in Vigo, Spain in November 2005 and finishing in Gothenburg -
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Piracy and the Cruising sailor

What does the cruising sailor do about the issues of Piracy? Where are the worst areas? Should one carry arms? How does that complicate arrivals into foreign countries?...
For more details and news for this event, go to:

Weather for cruisers

A quick uncomplicated summary of the many different aspects of weather information available, most from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology....
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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