Lots of Warm Weather for Antipodean Summer Holidays


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With lots of warm weather in the Antipodean summer holidays, the cruising scene is busy busy busy. Sailing Clubs have plenty of events to enjoy, and we hear from the bareboat-charter companies that the scene is hot for ‘sail away’ holidays!

Meanwhile, there’s lots of news - Dee Caffari, single-handed solo sailor, making her attempt in Aviva Challenge to be the first woman to sail solo the ‘wrong way’ round the world, is approaching Cape Horn. Read the latest report summary.

That great icon of cruising, the ARC Rally has been sold to the management.

This week’s Destination is the Seychelles, and the photos made me want to get onto the next plane heading that way. Sunsail are there, waiting to host your next sailing holiday – and what about sailing Antarctica? Mariner Boating has announced a great trip on a 73 ft sailing boat the Pelagic Australis, for February 2007 – there’s a year to plan!

I’m on a plane to London tomorrow to catch the London Boat Show – I hope to come back with lots of news from what is probably the biggest of them all.

Lots of stories to come, but this Newsletter is a two-way street. Let’s have your comments, opinions, questions, sailing hints – they’re all welcome. Email me on cruisingeditor@sail-world.com

Sail safe!
Nancy Knudsen
Cruising Editor

Caffari and Aviva meet Northerly Iceberg now for the Horn
By Georgina Spring,
Solo sailor Dee Caffari in the Aviva Challenge, 45 days into her 160-70 day sail solo non-stop around the world, will doubling her watch for icebergs as she now approaches the Horn, after sighting one over 300 miles north of the Falklands... [more]

Chay Blyth sells ARC Rally in Management Buyout
By Jeremy Wyatt,
The ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) Rally which, every November, sees over 200 yachts sail across the Atlantic Ocean, have been taken over in a management led buyout from Challenge Business.... [more]

Chance for YOU to sail the Antarctic?
By Cruising Editor,
The Antarctic has long been a lure for intrepid sailors, and now, thanks to the proactivity of Australian promoter Mariner Boating, YOU can sail the waters of the Antarctic, AND you have over a year to plan for the trip.... [more]

Destination: Sailing the Seychelles
By Nancy Knudsen,
Looking for somewhere interesting to sail? What about Paradise on Earth? This is the description we’ve heard of the Seychelles from cruising sailors who've been there... [more]

Dec 05 Pirate Anchorage Robbery in Venezuala
By Sail-World,
December, 2005: http://www.noonsite.com/Members/doina/R2005-12-26-2!Noonsite!same reports a late evening anchorage robbery in Venezuala. Police called, but reportedly unhelpful.... [more]

Azipods Acclaimed as Success on Superyacht Air
By David Foxwell,
The superyacht Air, the first yacht equipped with Azipod propulsors (in the form of a pair of 2,500kW Compact Azipod units), has successfully completed an initial six months of operation, as Azipod manufacturer ABB Marine reported recently.... [more]

Catamaran Kilo missing from Kata Beach
By Bob Mott,
Missing from Kata Beach Phuket Thailand on the 16th the catamaran Kilo.... [more]

Australia Day on Sydney Harbour
By Sail_World,
Australia Day is almost here again. It’s that great annual holiday every 26th January that celebrates Australia, and occurs each year on the anniversary of the arrival of the first Europeans to settle on Australian shores.... [more]

Racing Safety Regulations - not for the Cruiser?
By Sail-World,
Are the safety regulations in Australia appropriate - or adequate - for the cruising sailor? This letter was received recently from a ‘sailor of many years’ who has done much ocean cruising in the past, and now, at the age of 73, still sails his 53ft sailing boat single handed... [more]

From the Old Salt’s Treasure Chest, 3rd Jan, 2006:
By Sail-World,
Did you hear the one about….. A party of sailors, sailing through the estuaries of Moreton Bay at high tide, ran up on a sand bank at a particularly tricky corner, and were fast stuck.... [more]

Sunsail's Exciting 2006 MileCatchers Calendar
By Kate Elkington,
Sunsail, the world’s leading sailing holiday company, has released an extended range of the unique sailing voyages along Queensland’s magical coastline and throughout Asia’s exotic cruising grounds.... [more]

Weekly Piracy Report - 20-26 December 2005
By Sail-World,
Thirty five incidents have been reported since 1921-1995 Heavily armed pirates are now attacking ships further away from the coast. Ships not making scheduled calls at Somali ports are advised to keep at least 200 nm from the Somali coast... [more]

2006 Melbourne Stopover

Volvo Ocean Race 2005 / 06, the world's premier ocean race, features nine offshore legs, starting in Vigo, Spain in November 2005 and finishing in Gothenburg - www.volvooceanrace.org....
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Piracy and the Cruising sailor

What does the cruising sailor do about the issues of Piracy? Where are the worst areas? Should one carry arms? How does that complicate arrivals into foreign countries?...
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Weather for cruisers

A quick uncomplicated summary of the many different aspects of weather information available, most from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology....
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