Yisunsin International Yacht Race Day 1 + Video

Yi Sun-Sin International Yacht Race 2012 Day 1
Yisunsin International Yacht Race first day of racing started early for the competitors today with the first start scheduled at 10.30. The Korean style traditional race committee waited the sailors in a wrinkleless sea and was forced to postpone the start for half an hour.

Finally a light breeze filled in the gulf of Tongyeong and the ORC Club 1 and 2 were the first two classes to start. Last year’s winner Sexy Busan 46 foot racing boat was early on the start and did not realize it until the day was over. Nonetheless they had a good performance and managed to get a clear lead from the rest of the fleet finishing first. Further behind many close-up battles were given, with the colorful spinnakers forming a beautiful sight for the viewer. The course was windward – leeward with only one loop sailed before the finish. Right after the ORC Club Classes the Open 1 and Open 2 followed leaving the J24 Class to close the starting sequences. The wind was stable and never exceeded 8 knots. Although the sunny and warm weather Korea offered to its guests, was really appreciated.

As soon as all classes finished racing, the race committee without any further delay started the second race for the day. Wind stayed the same in both strength and direction. This time it was a clear start for all classes. The crews were working with great precision trying to give this extra mile needed to the boats in order to gain a few seconds and have their chance at the corrected time.

In the ORC Club 1, it was a Russian deal with Time Machine that came first, followed by First and Megazip in third. In Orc Club 2, Bambino scored two bullets and is on the lead in front of Poseidon in second and CKMarine in third. In the Open Class 1, the first spot today belonged to Foundation from Korea and then it was Irene in second place, with Team Haemaru coming in third, both from Korea as well. In Open Class 2 it was the Korean Patience that had the best performance leaving in second place Blue Pitta and Youngilbay Friend 1 in third; while in the J24, it was the Boomerang boat from Japan that finished first, with second and third places going to Apollonia from Korea and Nani from Nederland’s respectively.

For tomorrow, one long distance race is scheduled, and this will also be the closing day of the International Yisunsin Yacht Race. Things will get seriously adventurous tomorrow, so be sure to join us..!

MG 9912 - Yi Sun-Sin International Yacht Race 2012 Day 1

832D9852 - Yi Sun-Sin International Yacht Race 2012 Day 1

MG 9774 - Yi Sun-Sin International Yacht Race 2012 Day 1