World Festival on the Beach - RS-X European Team Racing Day 3 + Video

RS:X European Team Racing Day 3 - World Festival on the Beach 2012
World Festival on the Beach 2012 – A beautiful day shined on day three of the RS:X European Team Racing. Yesterday’s waves and clouds were gone and the day was very promising for good sailing conditions.

First in the water were the young athletes of Bic Techno, they were missing quite a few races and the race committee was anxious to complete all of them in order to have a fair result.

France was facing Spain and they both seemed very determined for the win. The Spanish had a better positioning at the start but early after that, the French passed ahead. The Spanish were pushing to penalize them and the battles were fierce. At the end the Spanish sailor finished first, but this was not enough. The French athletes finished in places 2, 3, 4 and had the wining combo.

After that it was time for Italy to face France. The two Italian sailors preferred the pin end and tacked after a few meters. The French girl Jariel Delphine, chose the left side of the course while her teammates dragged the Italians away from her, so she could sail faster. Their plan worked perfect and she led the race until the finish line. The rest of the French team followed and scored another victory.

At the same time the two Russian teams were having good results as well and climbed high on the leaderboard. Nevertheless no one could outpace France and with seven wins in eight races was the winner of the European Youth Team Racing. Russia Team 1 was second and Russia Team 2 tied in third with Spain that was left in fourth place because they lost the in between them match.

RS:X European Team Racing Day 3 - World Festival on the Beach 2012

Next was time for the RS:X finals. The Italians faced France in the first semi-final of the day and the Australians went against Russia. The first team that would win 2 matches, wins and advances to the final. Italy had an easy task against France today and after two quick wins, waited to see their opponent to the final, between Australia and Russia.

The Australians lost pretty quick two matches before realizing what happened. The Russian went in the water today and had their minds set to victory. That meant that Russia would go up against Italy at the big final and Australia would fight for third place with France.

Russia did not started very well and the Italians did not leave that to waste. They had the top three places and an easy win. But that made the Russians to try even harder in the second match as they saw the title getting away. They had a better start this time and the Russian athlete was leading the match. He was very fast and was increasing the distance more and more. Nevertheless this was not enough. The Italians worked their magic again and secured places two to four. They celebrated their victory, dancing on their boards and falling in the water.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Windsurf Sicily Grand Prix where everyone can join. Two days, of everyone racing together, fighting for first place.

Stay tuned!!!!

RS:X European Team Racing Day 3 - World Festival on the Beach 2012

RS:X European Team Racing Day 3 - World Festival on the Beach 2012

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