What it takes to make a multihull safe for offshore sailing

Nina Heatley
David Smith

New Zealand Multihull Club's Guest Speaker this month is Nina Heatley; she has a huge amount of experience in composite design and boat building.

Nina has been asked to talk about what it takes to make a multihull safe for offshore sailing and discuss a number of recent failures of cruising boats that illustrate common deficiencies found in current designs. These fundamentals are equally important to high performance racing Multis.

Also by popular demand a few video clips and impact tolerances studies on how to crash land a helicopter and walk away.

Nina has a degree in mechanical engineering, a post graduate degree in business and is a Member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects. She has worked primarily in the marine industry for the last twelve years specialising in composite design and production processes. Before starting Clever Fox she was a Senior Engineer and then Business Development Manager for High Modulus. Prior to studying engineering Nina worked as a boat builder so she has a practical approach to engineering and production design.

Clever Fox Projects Ltd specialises in composite engineering of marine and non-marine products. They also provide general naval architecture support services such as stability analysis and component design and are Maritime New Zealand recognised surveyors providing Design Approval for commercial vessels.

Who: Nina Heatley
When: 6th August at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
Where: To be held in the Dinghy Locker at 7.30pm.