Wetas go Volvo chasing

Wetas Volvo racer chasing, March 17 & 18 2012
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Miranda Powrie reports on the Volvo chasing day, or two - with the Inport Race and the Leg 5 start by the Auckland Weta fleet:

Both days we had 20 gusting 30 ESE with big choppy seas, but the Weta's all behaved well with only two capsizes. David did a stealth capsize, getting it back up before anyone saw him and someone who shall remain nameless (aren't I nice) tried out sitting on the float instead of hiking and managed to fall off it!

Saturday afternoon we headed down to North Head and around the corner to watch the in port race, weaving in and out of the spectator boats with not too many worries from distracted gin palace drivers and course marshalls (we did happen to be on the layline for the top mark). Being on the water to watch the race was awesome and I was blown away by the speed of the boats - always hard to convey on video, they were fast! Big added bonus to see Camper Team New Zealand notch up a win!

Sunday dawned even windier than Saturday, I went out with no jib for starters, decided that I still wanted more weight and went hunting for a good sized opti kid. However non were available so I crewed for Bill, which was a blast! With the extra weight on board we were way faster than the single handers upwind, being able to drive the boat hard without submarining the leeward hull. Soon everyone followed our lead and we had some good races, and with Chris dispensing his Weta wisdom, we all learned heaps.

Sunday afternoon we all went out two up to watch the start of Leg 5 - I took out my Mum, Sarah, I was a bit apprehensive as I have taken her out in the Laser before and she doesn't like healing it over and made me keep it dead flat the whole time. No such worries in the Weta!

She was so relaxed she kept sitting with her legs over the front or out the side of the tramp and this was in 25 gusting 30 and massive wash from all the crazy launches, I had to keep telling her to get her legs in and sit properly!

My Dad went out with Bill, Dad wanted to wave to my brother's friend who sails on Camper (Adam Minoprio) and they got so close (blasting along with the screecher out) the police boat came up with their sirens on to wave them away! If only my parents would behave as well as the Weta...

The Sunday team - Wetas Volvo racer chasing, March 17 & 18 2012
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Camper - Wetas Volvo racer chasing, March 17 & 18 2012
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Bill and Miranda - Wetas Volvo racer chasing, March 17 & 18 2012
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Smoking Roger Kitchen - Wetas Volvo racer chasing, March 17 & 18 2012
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