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This is the time of year that Australian National titles are sailed in an enormous number of Classes.

We have a host of reports and they just keep flooding in. Most of these Classes have been sending reports to Sail-World for many years, but there are some still learning the ropes, shall we say sheets.

Whether its reports from Nationals, or State events in dinghies, cats or yachts or tales of your adventures on the water, there is always a story waiting to be told.

Lachlan and Thomas Racing upwind in the 420 National Titles 2013 photo Dane Lojek
North Sails

Once upon a time, we used to receive emails complaining that their particular class or region was not receiving its place in the sun. These have disappeared as more and more Clubs and Classes have realised they can reach a giant audience by submitting news, photos and results to Sail-World.com

If your Class Nationals are done and dusted or are coming up now, make sure Sail-World has the news. See the big Submit News buttons on the top of this and every page on Sail-World. Click there to see the info we are asking for.

Send this story to your Class Publicity Officer and the President as well, so they can see just how easy it is.

Sail-World is happy to receive your articles - be it reports from events, profiles of people and boats, techniques, safety or seamanship. Read on for the guidelines for submitting an article, including commercial articles - if the information is of value to our readers.

And don't forget, Sail-World.com and its companion titles Powerboat-World, FishingBoating-World and MarineBusiness-World have a large world-wide audience in more than sixty countries.

Devine and Furlong hit some spray heading upwind - www.andrewgoughphotography.com - I14 Australian Championships 2012
Andrew Gough

The Sail-World archives contain 105,000+ stories, it is easily the largest sailing news database in the world. Our stories are indexed by major search engines including Google and Yahoo and news feeds like NewsNow and are routinely searched by mainstream and sailing media.

Sail-World is more than happy to receive your stories and images -be they profiles of people and boats, cruising destinations, tuning, tactics, techniques, safety and seamanship, reports on regattas or indeed just about anything to do with sailing. We are happy to review and publish appropriate articles and pictures.

Ideally, we need you to submit both copy and pictures via our special upload system, which ensures we receive your contribution, with correct titles, image captions etc. The reason for using the upload system and forms is that reduced our editing time dramatically - by a factor of 10 - so your chances of being published quickly are very high.

Any story sent through the Submit feature is automatically advised to the editor of your region, and when the finished story goes online you receive an email back with the URL, and the regions to which it has been sent. You can email this to friends, club members, class members, or regatta competitors and use it to construct thank you notes to sponsors - with proof that they have been published.

They'll be keen to sponsor you again, if you can show them the value you deliver.

In the same vein, don't just leave it until the finish of the regatta to do a report - do a preview, and a report each day. Mention your sponsors in each and they will get many times the exposure they would, had you done just a single report. Also you'll build a following for your class, club and events - which will help bring new sailors into your fold - so your class or club grows. Look upon your reports as free marketing.

To submit News, Articles and Images into Sail-World & Powerboat-World and MarineBusiness-World.com Click hereNew or any time look at the top right hand side of the site, where is says Submit News & Images

You don't need a $30,000 camera and a 100ft lens to take great shots - we've run images that people have taken on iPhones - and most small digital cameras are quite adequate. Just make sure you get close enough to your subject to fill the frame - a shot from the start boat or finish by one of the race committee is fine - or from a mark boat at a rounding mark. Most of the professionals take their shots at these points in the course - where the action is coming to them - so they don't have to chase it.

We have lots more information in our full set of contributors guidelines.

And now to the news

MG 4035 - I14 Australian Championships 2012
Andrew Gough