Volvo Ocean Race- To Squid or not to Squid? That is the Question.

Puma’s graphics include the Squid, the Sea Cat and the Berg propeller

Join the team from Puma Ocean Racing as they exercise their minds around the Squid graphics aboard Puma's Mar Mostro - the Monster of the Sea.

She is covered in hand painted tentacles. But are the octopus stripes attracting other monsters of the sea?

What will the Southern Ocean bring - with sperm whales that eat squid.

Should they fit a fish finder as an early warning system?

And what of the Sea Cat?

Are they thinking, or just completely confused? We think they have way too much time on their hands - but who's asking us?

Follow the video, and also see how the incredible graphics are applied, as well as you can try to follow the mental gymnastics of her crew as they try to grapple with this key issue.

Puma - the full graphics package

Puma - and down below, there’s more