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The Office of Maritime Communications at the Australian Maritime College is responsible for the management of all functions associated with marine radio examinations and certification services in Australia.

Procedures and requirements taught in these courses are based on the International Radio Regulations formulated by the International Telecommunication Union on provisions governing the use of radio transmitters in Australia. Careful observance of the procedures covered by these courses is essential for the efficient exchange of communications in the marine radio communications. Special attention should be given to the sections of the courses that deal with distress, urgency and safety.

****Not only that, people on boats who have obviously not attended a radio proficiency and waste radio time in ways that are inefficient and unwarranted, are nothing but a pain in the butt! I am sure that all those who have experienced someone spending time during a ‘quiet period’ talking about the big fish they just caught, will agree with me

Marine Radio Operator's Certificate Proficiency Courses are also necessary for many sailing events.

Courses are held by many Sailing Schools, clubs, TAFE colleges and the Coast Guard.

To check on the details of what is required to obtain a Marine Radio Operator’s certificate, click HERE

Many courses run in the evening over several weeks, but In Pittwater near Sydney, Club Sail runs a full day course, at the end of which you will be qualified