V5 first home in Fusion White Island Race

RAYC Burgee
Royal Akarana YC
The Andrews designed TP52, V5 (Simon Hull), was the first of the Premier division to finish the Fusion White Island Race organised by the Royal Akarana Yacht Club.

The reports from www.rayc.org.nz are as follows:

Sunday 30 November

0720 Wishbone is close to Cape Barrier, reporting no wind in the Colville Channel. Sunstone is still expected to be first back, but her ETA is now 10:25am.

1555 Sunstone, Open Country and Waikiwi II all finished now. V5 just called in, a couple of miles off A buoy, will be finished approximately 1 hour.

1835 Wishbone just crossed the finish line. Also finished is Mako II, Starlight Express - with a spectacular blown out spinnaker not far from the line, Ran Tan, V5 and Ragtime. All finishing with a great tail wind.

Saturday 29 November

2045 Cosmic Cruz has retired from the race

1930 V5 has rounded White Island, Starlight Express and Ran Tan II are close to White Island now, with Starlight Express 100m ahead. Nevenka and Whitebait have retired from the race. The first finishers are expected to be Sunstone and Waikiwi II at around 6:30am tomorrow, with V5 expected to be the first of the Premier Division finishers early tomorrow afternoon.

0700 Island Girl has withdrawn and is motoring to Tauranga. The rest of the Corinthian fleet have rounded White Island and are returning, heading towards the Premier fleet who are past Cuvier Island. Ragtime reported 20kt winds from the SSE.

Friday 28 November

2340hrs Starlight Express reports - Just rounding Channel Island, 12 knots wind on the nose, V5 has a good jump on us, Ragtime approx half mile in front; Ran Tan approx 1 mile behind

2320hrs Waikiwi II round White Island, having caught up Wishbone.

1840hrs - the Premier Division are under way. See here for photos of the start. Due to atmospheric conditions the position reports for the evening radio sched were not received.

0800hrs - second radio sched in this morning. Wishbone passed Channel Island at approx 1700hrs last night, said it had lightened off a lot during the day, but was filling in again by the 1830 sched.

Waikiwi II is the frontrunner so far in the Corinthian Division, and most have passed Cuvier Island. Latest positions from this mornings sched.

Finishing order
NameStartFinish timeElapsed
SunstoneThu 27 Nov 19:35Sun 30 Nov 10:52:2863:17:28
Open CountryThu 27 Nov 19:35Sun 30 Nov 14:42:4367:07:43
Waikiwi IIThu 27 Nov 19:35Sun 30 Nov 15:37:2268:02:22
V5Fri 28 Nov 18:35Sun 30 Nov 16:36:5946:01:59
RagtimeFri 28 Nov 18:35Sun 30 Nov 17:21:5146:46:51
Ran Tan IIFri 28 Nov 18:35Sun 30 Nov 17:24:2346:49:23
Starlight ExpressFri 28 Nov 18:35Sun 30 Nov 18:08:4647:33:46
Mako IIThu 27 Nov 19:35Sun 30 Nov 18:18:2270:43:22
WishboneThu 27 Nov 09:00Sun 30 Nov 18:30:5481:30:54
Foreign ExchangeFri 28 Nov 18:35Mon 01 Dec 19:06:4472:31:44
Cosmic Cruz  DNF
Island Girl  DNF
Nevenka  DNF
Pacific Sundance  DNS
Waka  DNS
Whitebait  DNF
(Foreign  Exchange's time is projected)Projected PHRF Overall Results
1.Starlight Express0.97546:22:25
3.Open Country0.73049:00:13
5.Ran Tan II1.09051:02:13
7.Mako II0.76053:44:57
8.Waikiwi II0.79053:45:04
10.Foreign Exchange0.84060:55:27
 Cosmic Cruz0.865DNF
 Island Girl0.79DNF
 Pacific Sundance0.805DNS
Back to topProjected ORC Overall Results
1.Foreign Exchange0.79555:13:13
 Whitebait0.827 / 84DNF
Back to topProjected IRC Overall Results
3.Open Country0.96564:46:44
 Cosmic Cruz1.134DNF
 Pacific Sundance1.053DNS
Back to topProjected PHRF Premier Results
1.Starlight Express0.97546:22:25
3.Ran Tan II1.09051:02:13
5.Foreign Exchange0.84060:55:27
 Cosmic Cruz0.865DNF
 Pacific Sundance0.805DNS
Back to topProjected PHRF Corinthian Results
2.Open Country0.73049:00:13
3.Mako II0.76053:44:57
4.Waikiwi II0.79053:45:04
 Island Girl0.79DNF
Back to topProjected PHRF Shorthanded Results
 Island Girl0.79DNF
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