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Young Teams Take Top Two Slots at GoPro Match Cup A + Video

by Chicago Match Race Center on 26 Jun 2011
GoPro Match Cup A 2011 Isao Toyoma
GoPro Match Cup 2011. The usual suspect - a hot and sunny Chicago summer day with no breeze crept in on the second day of the GoPro Match Cup A Event.

A late start was decided last night while further postponement on shore due to no wind delayed the start to 1PM. While there was considerably more sun and warmer temperatures today, the breeze died off to below two knots on the course.

The biggest news on the water was the young Nevin Snow and his California team backing Don Wilson into a corner. The true lead to Snow became apparent when Don was caught drifting into a hole at the weather mark. Umpires were put in a tough spot and had to almost issue a penalty for hitting the mark, but Don managed to tack without a spinnaker or jib up just in time.

CMRC intern, Stephanie Roble, and her team were impressed with themselves as they were able to win the duel against Stratis Andreadis. Main trimmer, Maggie Shea, reinforced the idea of keeping the boat moving fast and playing the shifts. 'We were actually over early in the last match. The only chance we had at catching up was when he over stood the layline downwind and were able to get to the zone before he could luff us.'

CMRC tried a new approach with the GoPro's and put a videographer in the water at the leeward mark. The waterproof housings and high definition video were able to bring a new perspective to the videos they produce.

Tomorrow at 9 AM marks the start of the GoPro Match Cup B Event. Several of the A event skippers are staying in town for more racing and a total of nine teams will be trying to stop Snow from a repeat performance of his A event win.

Results for GoPro Match Cup A Event :

1) Nevin Snow
2) Stephanie Roble
3) Don Wilson
4) Stratis Andreadis
5) Jen Wilson
6) Chris Segerblom
7) Colin Rathbun
8) Lance Fraser
9) Guy Mossman
10) Leo Vasiliev