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Welcome to Powerboat-World Canada

by . on 2 Nov 2011
The Builders of C&C Yachts
Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Powerboat-World Canada Newsletter, a new and exciting information source that will bring together boating news from around the world with a specific focus on powerboats. We will highlight current news and activities taking place in North America and other parts of the world. In gathering our stories, we will attempt to include those that will have a high interest level for recreational power boaters and those interested in powerboat racing events. Some activities will also provide opportunities for boaters to participate in the events.

Regularly published editions of Powerboat-World Canada will focus on specific articles of interest, will provide articles on good boating destinations, and will include boat reviews of powerboats.

Powerboat-World Canada will present you with new information, will update your current boating knowledge, provide activities and reiterate things that you should know or do while on or around your boat. In addition, Powerboat World Canada will highlight events and recreational activities in your local area and beyond that you and others would like to know about so that attendance at these events can be increased.

As articles and information submitted to us increase Powerboat-World Canada will be produced more frequently. New and exciting articles will be added to the site daily so that the content for visitors will change regularly.

It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to have been selected as the editor of Powerboat-World Canada. I and my colleagues welcome your input for ideas, articles, and event submissions for consideration to be included in Powerboat World-Canada Newsletter. Recognize, however, that there will be a screening process to determine which items will be published.

We welcome you to enjoy Powerboat World-Canada by subscribing today.

'Remember, without a boat 75% of the earth's surface is wasted.'

David McPhail

Editor, Powerboat-World Canada
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