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Verve Cup Inshore Regatta - Great day of sailing on day 1

'2013 Verve Cup Inshore Regatta'    Marc Anderson    Click Here to view large photo

At the Verve Cup Inshore Regatta, after several days of light winds in the Chicago area a solid southeast breeze of 8 - 12 knots got the first day of racing off to a great start.

'This was a great day to go sailing - a ‘Chamber of Commerce’ day for the racers,' said Circle A Race Officer Janet Baxter.

The annual regatta features two days of the best one-design sailing in the Midwest and brings over 300 racers and guests to the Chicago Yacht Club’s Belmont Station.

Identical classes will compete to determine which boat has the best skipper and crew. Laser, Vanguard 15, Melges 24, Etchells, Shields, Luders 16, Colgate 26, Rhodes 19, Solings, J/70s and J/24 keelboat classes will take part this year.

This year 86 boats registered, including an impressive 20 boats from the United States and Europe in the J/70 fleet in its first year at Verve Inshore.

After three races Joel Ronning’s Catapult led the J/70s by four points. Ronning is a member of the Wayzata Yacht Club in Minneapolis, MN.

Chicago Yacht Club member John Heaton, owner/skipper of the J/70 Empeiria, said he was excited to race in the first major event in Chicago for the less than two-year-old J/70 class. 'This is a nice, fast, small keelboat,' said Heaton, of Wilmette, IL. 'Anyone can sail it. It’s a lot of fun. We had good winds today and we are hoping we will get going fast downwind tomorrow.'

This year also marked the debut of the Colgate 26 fleet to the course. After 3 races Chicagoan Nicholas Petrovits’ Recess was leading its four-boat section by four points.

2013 Verve Cup Inshore Regatta -  Marc Anderson   Click Here to view large photo

Circle B had solid racing finishing seven races for the V15 class and five races each for the R19s and Lasers, according to Race Officer Lynn Lynch.

'The wind built and went left early settling in to a 120-degree heading for the second half of the day. It was a steady flow of starts and finishes as the three fleets went around the courses,' Lynch said.

Winds are expected to be even better - as high as 15 knots - for tomorrow’s final day of Verve Cup Inshore racing, which begins at 10:30 a.m. CST.

Thank you to our co-sponsors Audi and SLAM, as well as Boston Beer, Karma Yacht Sales, Mount Gay Rum, and West Marine.

Today’s results

2013 Verve Cup Inshore Regatta
Preliminary Cumulative Results

Select to view a specific Class results:   

Sail Number Yacht Name Yacht Design Owner/Skipper Race
Verve Cup Inshore - Circle A Racing

One Design Division

International Etchells

1. USA 1355 Lucky Etchells Bryon Ehrhart 3 1 1


2. USA 1220 Resolute Etchells Mark Teborek 2 2 3


3. USA 1001 Pyrate Etchells Donald Maxwell 1 5 2


4. USA 1178 Dixie Etchells Fred Joosten 4 4 4


5. USA 1101 Hokule'a Etchells Richard Sidell 6 7 5


6. USA 1350 Phantom Etchells Cynthia Best 9 3 7


7. USA 978 Julia Etchells Rick Kaiser 8 6 6


8. USA 980 Brass Monkey Etchells Mike Frerker 5 9 9


9. USA 615 Patriot Etchells William Fox Jr. 7 8 8


10. USA 1045 Ve-la Etchells Donald Basler 11 11 10


11. USA 1279 Leverage Etchells Zach Egan 12 10 11


12. USA 886 Cassie Etchells Russ Burke 10 12 12


13. USA 578 Free Spirit Etchells Douglas Anderson 14/DNC 14/DNC 14/DNC


J 70

1. USA 187 Catapult J 70 Joel Ronning 1 2 2


2. USA 482 Extreme J 70 Dan Cheresh 5 3 1


3. USA 309 CloudSourced J 70 Ronald Copfer 3 1 7


4. USA 326 Aquaholiks J 70 Martin Johnsson 10 4 5


5. USA 335 Nitemare J 70 Amy Neill 4 5 10


6. USA 34 Perseverance J 70 Bennet Greenwald 6 9 4


7. USA 322 Red J 70 Joe Woods 9 8 6


8. USA 66 Eagles Wings J 70 John Gottwald 7 7 11


9. USA 169 Empeiria J 70 John Heaton 15 10 3


10. USA 16 Tylishan J 70 Richard Stearns 14 6 8


11. USA 174 Magic Bus J 70 Gregg Mylett 2 14 13


12. USA 172 Planet Claire J 70 John and Marisa Koten 11 13 9


13. USA 227 Gigi J 70 David Wagner 12 12 12


14. USA 159 Torqeedo J 70 Brandon Flack 8 15 15


15. USA 100 Gemini J 70 Blane Shea 13 11 14


16. USA 325 Lost boys J 70 Gary Scott 16 16 16


17. USA 359 359 J 70 Jeff Veenstra 17 18 17


18. USA 36 Taipan SB J 70 Lloyd Karzen 18 17 18


19. USA 358 Bucephalus J 70 Andrea Krasinski 19 19 19


20. USA 211 Juicy J 70 Alwin Brunner 21/DNC 21/DNC 21/DNC


Luders 16

1. USA 22 Clipper Lüders 16 William Simpson 1 1 1


2. USA 204 Wild Irish Lüders 16 Lawrence Weeks 2 4/DNS 2


3. USA 128 Amiga Lüders 16 Harold Hering 3 2 3



1. USA 88 Peanut Shields Kristian Martincic 1 1 1


2. USA 130 Sundance Shields Mike Schwartz 2 4 2


3. USA 196 Insidious Shields Gary Ropski 3 3 3


4. USA 45 Hellcat Shields Sam Veilleux 4 2 4



1. USA 846 Katherine Soling Steve Dolan 2 1 2


2. USA 843 Freia Soling Stephen Bobo 1 2 4


3. USA 818 Touch of Gray Soling John Kennedy 3 3 1


4. USA 768 More Cowbell Soling Tom Elliott 4 4 3


5. USA 639 Howler Soling Cooper Anderson 6 5 5


6. USA 808 Cabal link Soling Bob Nickel 5 7/DNS 7/DNS


J 24

1. USA 3962 2XS J 24 Mark Soya 1 1 1


2. USA 2607 Don't Panic J 24 Richard Graef 2 2 2


3. USA 2246 Goldrush J 24 Daniel Walsh 3 3 4


4. USA 4305 Georgeanna J 24 Jan Wishart 4 4 5


5. USA 4588 Walnut J 24 Brent Breithaupt 5 6/OCS 3


Colgate 26

1. USA SC19 Recess Colgate 26 Nicholas Petrovits 1 1 1


2. USA SC20 Eclipse Colgate 26 Adam Collins 2 2 3


3. USA SC17 Meridian Colgate 26 Robert Cohen 3 3 2


4. USA SC18 Albatross Colgate 26 Michael Swisher 5/DNC 5/DNC 5/DNC

Verve Cup Inshore - Circle B Racing

One Design Division


1. USA 196151 196157 Laser Roman Plutenko 1 1 1 1 1


2. USA 175529 Hand Off laser paul wurtzebach 2 4 4 4 3


3. USA 176078 Water Board Laser Rick Strilky 12/DNF 2 2 2 2


4. USA 177153 177153 Laser Patrick McBriarty 3 5 5 5 5


5. USA 176204 176204 Laser Robert Christie 12/DNF 3 3 3 4


6. USA 11 DamnYouKofski Laser Nick Kofski 4 6 6 6 6


7. USA 175529green TBA Laser Francois Gourio 12/DNC 7 7 12/DNF 12/DNC


8. USA 170398 170398 Laser Garrett Gast 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC


9. USA 196157 196157 Laser Juan Segura 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC


10. USA 181248 Anonymous Laser Russell Schulz 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC


11. USA 198420 Rocky IV Laser J. P. Mull 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC


Vanguard 15

1. USA 672 Dixie Wrecked Vanguard 15 Christopher LaBorde 1 5 3 3 3 6 1 22.0

2. USA 1736 Condor Vanguard 15 Jacob Karlin 14/OCS 2 2 1 1 2 3 25.0

3. USA 1069 USA 1069 Vanguard 15 Val Smith 14/OCS 4 5 2 2 1 2 30.0

4. USA 1604 LuTopia vanguard 15 Lu Han 2 7 4 5 4 5 7 34.0

5. USA 414 I.N.G.H.A. Vanguard 15 Andy Camarda 4 3 7 4 8 3 5 34.0

6. USA 1620 Rocketfizz Vanguard 15 Ben Marden 14/OCS 1 1 6 5 7 4 38.0

7. USA 8 Stormin' Normin' Vanguard 15 Michael Schmitt 5 6 11 8 7 4 9 50.0

8. USA 452 skeif Vanguard 15 Steven Anderson 6 9 9 7 6 8 8 53.0

9. USA 1764 Slow and Steady Vanguard 15 Mike Mooney 9 10 6 9 10 11 6 61.0

10. USA 607 Lee Vanguard 15 Duane Hatch 3 11 8 12 9 12 12 67.0

11. USA 5 Cleveland Status Vanguard 15 Joseph Groszek 7 12 10 10 11 9 11 70.0

12. USA 1747 1747 Vanguard 15 Otto Hansen 8 8 12 11 12 10 10 71.0

13. USA TBD Pierless Vanguard 15 Kenneth Hopson 14/DNC 14/DNC 14/DNC 14/DNC 14/DNC 14/DNC 14/DNC 98.0

Rhodes 19

1. USA 1224 YAHOO Rhodes 19 Vince & Carrie Camarda 1 1 1 1 1


2. USA 2375 Bozo Rhodes 19 Chris Metcalf 2 2 3 2 3


3. USA 1216 Rhubarb Rhodes 19 Stanley Knapczyk 4 3 2 7 5


4. USA 2377 Esprit Rhodes 19 Guy Whitney 3 5 7 5 2


5. USA 1810 Windigo Rhodes 19 Pat Crosby 7 7 6 3 4


6. USA 804 EightOFour Rhodes 19 Philippe Geyskens 6 4 5 4 10/DNC


7. USA 1784 Rosebud Rhodes 19 Richard Dunne 5 6 4 6 10/DNF


8. USA 1891 Petulance Rhodes 19 Jennifer Wohlberg 8 8 8 8 10/DNC


9. USA 2418 2418 Rhodes 19 Chris and Monica Morgan 10/DNC 10/DNC 10/DNC 10/DNC 10/DNC


by Rachelle Treiber


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8:59 AM Sun 25 Aug 2013GMT

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Rolex Sydney Hobart: Comanche leads in softening morning breeze *Feature by Richard Gladwell,
The US supermaxi Comanche (Jim & Kirsty Clark) continues to enjoy a small lead at the head of the Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet. As the race enters its second day, organisers told Sail-World at 6.00am local time that the fleet was experiencing SW winds of 12-13kts and that these would ease further during the day. ... [more]  

2014 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: The 117 competing yachts, including five 100-foot Maxis, represents the race’s largest number of starters since 1994. Of the five Maxis, Jim Clark’s Comanche (USA) made the early gains in the race’s 70th edition, reaching the first mark in record time and setting a blistering pace. Seven-time line honours winner Wild Oats XI was in close pursuit. ... [more]  

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2014: A memorable edition of the 628-nm race appears certain, with the contest between the fleet’s five Maxi yachts living up to the pre-race hype. At 8:00pm local time, Comanche leads seven-time line honours winner Wild Oats XI by one nautical mile, with Anthony Bell’s Perpetual Loyal and Syd Fischer’s Ragamuffin 100 just a few miles behind the leading duo. ... [more]  

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