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U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship - Wilmot Sisters win

'U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship'    US Sailing ©

The final day of racing at the U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship shaped up to be an exciting conclusion, as Thursday’s leaders, Lucy and Sally Wilmot (Orinda, Calif.), had a one point lead heading into Friday. The regatta’s most consistent duo pulled away from a competitive field of 41 teams to capture the Ida Lewis Trophy.

This year’s U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship was hosted by the American Yacht Club in Rye, N.Y. for three days of racing in the Club 420. Teams were greeted with sunny skies over Western Long Island Sound and breezes ranged from nine to fifteen knots, mostly out of the Northwest.

U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship -  US Sailing_©  

Team Wilmot placed second in Race nine and ten to seal the win. Placing second overall was Alie and Liza Toppa (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.). The Toppas were the overall leaders through Wednesday’s four races. The hottest team over the past two days was Cassie Obel (Marina del Rey, Calif.) and Annika Garrett (Culver City, Calif.). They finished third overall, but won four of the final six races.

U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship -  US Sailing_©  

Lucy and Sally were exceptionally excited about the win, especially considering it was their first regatta sailing together. 'We were able to start working together better and I think it helped a lot that we both had experience as skipper,' said Sally.

The Wilmots plan on competing in San Diego for the Club 420 National Championships and are also looking forward to training in the International 420.

'The camaraderie with the other sailors here is outstanding,' said Lucy. 'There were so many volunteers and they took great care of us. It is truly unlike any other event.'

U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship -  US Sailing_©  

Top 5: Final Standings

1. Lucy Wilmot / Sally Wilmot: 1-[10/rdg*]-2-3-2-5-1-6-2-2- ; 24
2. Alie Toppa / Liza Toppa: 2-4-1-1-[12]-3-4-9-3-7- ; 34
3. Cassie Obel / Annika Garrett: 10-9-[37]-10-1-1-2-7-1-1- ; 42
4. Rebecca McElvain / Mercedes McPhee: 7-3-5-7-8-6-6-[14]-7-10- ; 59
5. Elizabeth Mignon / Amelia Hardy: 11-16-4-2-7-[18]-9-3-10-4- ; 66

U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship -  US Sailing_©  

Awards, Trophies and Invitations:

• The winning skipper and crew of the event will be presented the Ida Lewis Trophy (perpetual).
• US Sailing National Championship medals will be awarded to competitors who finish first through fifth.
• The C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Sportsmanship Award was presented to Maddie Gruenky (Delafield, Wisc.).
• The Most Improved Award went to Kerri Luttrell (Irvine, Calif.) and Sammy Pickell (Corona del mar, Calif.)

Complete Standings:

Bow/Sail   Skipper Yacht Club    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10    Total Pos
39 / 5433   Lucy Wilmot/
Sally Wilmot  
San Francisco Yacht Club / Richmond Yacht Club/ San Francisco YC / Richmond YC     1   [10/rdg*]   2   3   2   5   1   6   2   2     24  
36 / 1785   Alie Toppa/
Liza Toppa  
Lauderdale Yacht Club/ Lauderdale Yacht Club     2   4   1   1   [12]   3   4   9   3   7     34  
29 / 8686   Cassie Obel/
Annika Garrett  
Del rey yacht club/ DRYC     10   9   [37]   10   1   1   2   7   1   1     42  
22 / 9536   Rebecca McElvain/
Mercedes McPhee  
San Diego Yacht Club/ Southwestern Yacht Club     7   3   5   7   8   6   6   [14]   7   10     59  
26 / 7005   Elizabeth Mignon/
Amelia Hardy  
Bay Head Yacht Club/ Richmond Yacht Club     11   16   4   2   7   [18]   9   3   10   4     66  
9 / TBA   Leah Ford/
Kiana Heitzman  
Kaneohe Yacht Club/ Kaneohe Yacht Club     6   6   14   11   20   11   5   [40/ZFP]   8   17     98  
25 / 5693   Aitana Mendiguren/
Lorea Mendiguren  
Coronado Yacht Club/ Coronado Yacht Club     [31]   10   10   4   6   9   17   21   11   16     104T  
40 / 9299   Grace Yakutis/
Tanner Chapko  
Coronado Yacht Club/ Coronado Yacht Club     8   [42/OCS]   13   22/ZFP   10   7   10   17   4   13     104T  
2 / 4159   Nina Casciani/
Ava Esquier  
Richmond Yacht Club/ RYC     5   15   8   15   13   12   [23]   11   18   22     119  
3 / 4634   Carolyn Corbet/
Katie Lounsbury  
Bay Head Yacht club/ Coral Reef Yacht Club     13   13   21   6   15   27   [33]   10   9   6     120  
35 / TBD   Nicole Simon/
Athena Malcolm  
Coronado Yacht Club/San Diego Yacht Club/ San Diego YC     3   5   9   9   9   20   15   [38/ZFP]   33   25     128  
20 /    Kerri Luttrell/
Sammy Pickell  
Balboa Yacht Club/ Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club     [37/TLE]   36   34   12   4   2   3   26   13   3     133T  
31 / 9360   Molly Pleskus/
Grace McCarthy  
San Diego Yacht Club/ San Diego Yacht Club     9   8   30   8   [31]   13   7   27   26   5     133T  
17 / 6508   Lily Loosbrock/
Ally Frank  
Minnetonka Yacht Club/ LMSS -Lake Minnetonka Sailing School     17   31   11   28   11   19   13   1   6   [39]     137T  
6 / 7165   Caroline Downey/
Chloe Kelleher  
Beverly Yacht Club/ Beverly Yacht Club     15   14/rdg*   6   21   26   15   24   [28]   5   11     137T  
14 / 6437   Stephanie Houck/
Camille White  
Annapolis Yacht Club/ Annapolis Yacht Club     26   20   19   [42/OCS]   22   8   11   2   19   14     141  
18 / 7313   Isabella Loosbrock/
Kendall Van Horne  
Chicago Yacht Club/ Minnetonka Yacht Club     [42/DNF]   30   22   17   5   4   8   16   23   20     145  
4 / 2366   Kate Cox/
Morgan Brackin  
White Bear Yacht Club/ Minnetonka Yacht Club     20   7   23   16   [28]   26   18   8   20   15     153  
12 / 5964   Meg Gerli/
Andie Dahl  
Mantoloking Yacht Club/ Vineyard Haven Yacht Club     4   20/ZFP   12   20/rdg*   23   25   19   15   [27]   18     156  
19 / TBD   Louisa Nordstrom/
Lucie Keller  
Team FOR/ Gull Lake     18   23   17   13   [24]   16   14   21/ZFP   16   23     161  
34 / 6927   Kelsey Shakin/
Caroline Bracken  
Stage Harbor Yacht club/ West Dennis Yacht Club     16   17   3   19   [39]   23   29   22   17   19     165  
11 /    Taylor Gavula/
Cate Mollerus  
Bay Head Yacht Club/LISOT/ Larchmont Yacht Club/LISOT     14   19   20   [42/OCS]   3   42/DSQ   21   4   35   9     167  
37 / 5048   Emery Wallace/
Brooklyn Curtin  
Cedar Point Yacht Club/ Cedar Point     [33]   28   31   5   14   14   22   13/ZFP   32   12     171  
21 / tbd   Macey McCann/
Lenox Butcher  
Texas Corinthian Yacht Club/ Texas Corinthian Yacht Club     24   2   15   24   16   17   26   25   [29]   26     175  
16 / 3776   Catherine Kerner/
Katerina Howie  
Manhattan Sailing Club / LISOT/ LISOT     12   1   27   [42/OCS]   19   22   12   42/ZFP   21   24     180  
32 / 6530   Morgan Sailer/
Kimmie Leonard  
Annapolis Yacht Club/ Annapolis Yacht Club     19   22   18   [38/ZFP]   32   34   16   12   34   8     195  
24 / 6878   Emma Mendenhall/
Venice Aureli  
Rochester Yacht Club/ Rochester Yacht Club     23   29/ZFP   7   18   [36]   28   25   28/ZFP   24   30     212  
38 / tbt   Lucie Welles/
Alyson Crowley  
Richmond Yacht Club and San Francisco Yacht Club/ RYC/SFYC     [42/DNF]   18   25   29   27   24   30   24   15   29     221  
30 / TBD   Victoria Oldham/
Sofia Kirkman  
Encinal Yacht Club/ Encinal Yacht Club     21   11   16   39/ZFP   18   21   28   [42/DNS]   40   32     226  
23 / 7015   Sinead McManus/
Ariel Casaretto  
US Sailing center Martin County/ Lauderdale Yacht Club     30   [42/DNF]   42/DNF   30/ZFP   17   31   27   19   12   31     239  
7 / STFYC6797   gwyneth dunlevy/
sarah paulsen  
St Francis Yacht Club SF CA/ ST Francis Yacht Club SF CA     22   24   [36]   25   21   32   36   34   22   28     244  
33 / tbd   Adele Sellig/
Natalie Lucciola  
Bay Head Yacht Club/ Mantoloking Yacht Club     34   32   32   23   25   10   32   36   28   [37]     252  
8 / 82   Annika Ekholm/
Rosie Hust  
Minnetonka Yacht Club/ Minnetonka Yacht Club     28   29   24   26   37   29   35   26/ZFP   [38]   27     261  
15 / 6253   Carolyn Keck/
Molly Burns  
Lac LaBelle Yacht Club/ Pewaukee Yacht Club     29   26   33   20   30   37   [40]   23   31   34     263  
28 / 4329   Brooke Naylor/
Grace Kellogg  
Bay Head Yacht Club/ Bay Head Yacht Club     32   [42/OCS]   28   42/rdg*   29   35   20   33   30   36     285  
10 /    Lizzy Friend/
Maddie Gruenke  
Pewaukee Yacht Club/ Nagawicka Yacht Club     35   [42/ZFP]   26   27   40   38   37   37/ZFP   14   40     294  
5 / 6795   Coco Dana/
Paige Dunlevy  
St Francis Yacht Club/ St Francis Yacht Club     27   33   29   35   35   36   34   31   [39]   35     295  
27 / 7208   Madelyn Murray/
Amelie Lagarde  
Long Beach Yacht Club/ Southern Yacht Club     25   34   35   34   34   30   [39]   38   37   33     300  
1 / 612   Mary Amis/
Lizzie Easter  
Calhoun Yacht Club/ Lake Calhoun Yacht Club     [42/DNF]   14   39   36   33   33   38   42/DNS   42/DNS   42/DNS     319  
13 / 2772   Emily Harrison/
Elizabeth Hupp  
Annapolis Yacht Club/ Annapolis Yacht Club     [42/DNF]   42/DNS   42/DNS   42/DNS   38   39   31   37   36   21     328  
41 / 6011   Emily Lorimer/
Ruth Reynolds  
Duxbury Bay Maritime School/ Weekapauge Yacht Club     [42/DNS]   35   38   42/DNF   41   40   42/RET   42/ZFP   25   38     343  

by Jake Fish


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2:38 AM Sat 21 Jun 2014GMT

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