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Shackleton news, solo sailing adventurers, whale tales

by Nancy Knudsen, Editor on 7 Feb 2013
Shackleton re-enactment lands at Peggoty Bluff in South Georgia. Image by Jo Stewart SW
Well they've done it – one of the most inspiring sails in history has been recreated. Ernest Shackleton's desperate sail across 800nm of the Southern Ocean to save himself and his crew has been done again – with an escort boat of course, just in case they got into real trouble.

A couple of days ago, Tim Jarvis and his crew corrected their too northerly heading and landed, as scheduled, on South Georgia. All they have to do now is the 'impossible' climb over the mountains to the small outpost on the other side.

They are not the only adventurers out on the water seeking to fulfill their dreams, but most dreams - though without the escort boat - are in modern yachts and less hazardous for that reason.

There are three solo sailing adventurers worthy of note in the southern ocean right now, all of different nationalities – we have a look this week at their various voyages and aspirations.

As usual a great variety of cruising news from the coastlines and oceans of the world, everything from news of the new space sailer being built by NASA to the rogue wave that hit a marina in Italy this week - and the outcome.

There is an engaging article from veteran sailor Daria Blackwell about her close encounters with whales, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is getting bigger and better and the Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa is obviously worried that yachts are going to dare the Gulf of Aden again because they have issued a stiff warning, and

In practical news, there's a new RYA boat maintenance book out; the featured yacht is the Hanse 575; it's a hatch fan that has won the latest Pittman Innovation Award; and John Jamieson talks about avoiding 'hidden monsters' which can sink you very quickly – deadheads, shipping containers, barrels, drums, logs and other flotsam.

Much more too, so browse the headlines to find your own interest, and...

Sweet Sailing!

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