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SAP 505 Worlds Race 1 Provisional Results

The first race started in 17 knots of breeze. A lot of boats did not finish the race. Here is the full provisional results list.

TopYacht Software: Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club - 27/01/2007 19:03:43

RACE 1 [27/01/2007] 505 World Championships 2007

Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club 505 World Championship Race 1

Printed on : 27/01/2007 19:03:43

Open results Wind 16 knots at 170 deg. Waves 1.5m.
Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper CREW From Fin Tim Elapsd Score
1 8839 Hawaii Five O Sandy Higgins Paul Marsh AUS/SA 14:29:36 01:17:36 1.0
2 8822   Mike Holt Carl Smit USA 14:30:47 01:18:47 2.0
3 8882 Musto Ian Pinnell Steve Hunt GBR 14:31:09 01:19:09 3.0
4 8081   Nick Adamson Steve Bourdow USA 14:31:20 01:19:20 4.0
5 8784 Slam Adrian Finglas Tom Watson AUS/QLD 14:31:32 01:19:32 5.0
6 8877 Commonwealth Bank Robin Deussen Jordan Spencer AUS/SA 14:31:44 01:19:44 6.0
7 8266   Howie Hamlin Fritz Lanzinger USA 14:32:09 01:20:09 7.0
8 8644 Skat Phil Gray Richard Machin AUS/QLD 14:32:16 01:20:16 8.0
9 7771 Sherwood Scuba Kevin Taugher Jon Bell USA 14:32:38 01:20:38 9.0
10 8783 Mikaila Lee Michael Thomson Nick Johnston AUS/SA 14:32:44 01:20:44 10.0
11 8875   Jens Findel Johannes Tellen GER 14:32:48 01:20:48 11.0
12 8890 Groove Train Malcolm Higgins Andrew Chisholm AUS/SA 14:32:51 01:20:51 12.0
13 8894   Chris Nicholson Darren Nicholson AUS/NSW 14:32:54 01:20:54 13.0
14 8714 The Black Boat Mike Martin Jeff Nelson USA 14:33:02 01:21:02 14.0
15 8920 B2 Michael Quirk Geoff Lange AUS/NSW 14:33:31 01:21:31 15.0
16 8831   Mats Elf Paul VonGrey USA 14:34:02 01:22:02 16.0
17 8681   Barney Harris Stuart Park USA 14:34:08 01:22:08 17.0
18 8893 Literacy Circle Andrew Hewson Kane Sinclair AUS/NSW 14:34:14 01:22:14 18.0
19 8744   Martin Goerge Hans-Heinrich Rix GER 14:34:24 01:22:24 19.0
20 8620   Jan Saugmann Morten Ramsbaek DEN 14:34:30 01:22:30 20.0
21 8915   Hasso Plattner Peter Alarie GER 14:34:45 01:22:45 21.0
22 8881   Terry Scutcher Christian Diebitsch GBR 14:35:29 01:23:29 22.0
23 8554 Panic Doug Hagan Michael Duffield USA /AUS 14:36:11 01:24:11 23.0
24 8922 Daring Kestrel 2 Bill Cuneo John Warlow AUS/QLD 14:36:27 01:24:27 24.0
25 8880 Lustspiel Christian Kellner Robert Rothe GER 14:37:24 01:25:24 25.0
26 8891 The Surly Mermaid Damian Carey Marcus Cooper AUS/SA 14:37:35 01:25:35 26.0
27 8853 FARM Carter Jackson Ian Taylor AUS/NSW 14:37:36 01:25:36 27.0
28 8631 Blue Steel Parker Shin Gareth Williams USA 14:37:46 01:25:46 28.0
29 8557 Whatever Neil Long Les Evans AUS/NSW 14:37:57 01:25:57 29.0
30 8810 Go John Jenkins Steve Sievewright AUS/SA 14:38:22 01:26:22 30.0
31 8084 88th Planet Aaron Ross Rob Waterman USA 14:38:28 01:26:28 31.0
32 8232   Ebbe Rosen Olle Wenrup Sweden 14:38:53 01:26:53 32.0
33 8321 Ataraxia Bertrand Loyal Laurent Nevo France 14:38:59 01:26:59 33.0
34 8795 Sleek Martin Pike Dan Cowan AUS/SA 14:39:33 01:27:33 34.0
35 8701 Orlando Rob Napier Pip Pearson GBR/AUS 14:39:53 01:27:53 35.0
36 8826 Powerware Tom Bojland Jakob Karbo DEN 14:40:49 01:28:49 36.0
37 8520 Geelslang Rudolph Holm Dirk Rother RSA 14:40:50 01:28:50 37.0
38 8919   Neal Fowler Doug McKeige USA 14:41:25 01:29:25 38.0
39 8876   Chris Tattersall Greg Clarke AUS/QLD 14:42:01 01:30:01 39.0
40 8855 Occy Mark Stowell Anthony Dean AUS/WA 14:42:06 01:30:06 40.0
41 8759 The Missus Scott Ovenden Bryce Penfold AUS/NSW 14:42:18 01:30:18 41.0
42 8925   Martin Wedge Scott Allen GBR 14:42:33 01:30:33 42.0
43 8921 Sweaty Betty Nigel Lott Bob Franks AUS/QLD 14:42:38 01:30:38 43.0
44 8905 Itinerant Stuart Turnbull Jason Lunn GBR 14:42:40 01:30:40 44.0
45 8781 Alexander & Assoc. Earle Alexander Ian Gregg AUS/QLD 14:42:57 01:30:57 45.0
46 8884 Schiavello Chris Went Mitchell McDonald AUS/SA 14:43:13 01:31:13 46.0
47 8707 Aitsa Albrecht Holm Warwick Ham RSA 14:43:43 01:31:43 47.0
48 8864   Hamish Jarrett Chris Pearson AUS/NSW 14:44:15 01:32:15 48.0
49 8675 Graue Maus Volker Goerge Friederichs Hartwig GER 14:44:49 01:32:49 49.0
50 8012   Henry Amthor Douglas Amthor USA 14:45:37 01:33:37 50.0
51 8840 The Full Monty Kevin Cameron Jeremy Manders AUS/QLD 14:45:40 01:33:40 51.0
52 8817 Cut Snake Marco Gambardella Gabriele Cortegiani ITA 14:46:07 01:34:07 52.0
53 8760 2 Minute Noodles Peter Woolman Phil Webb AUS/SA 14:46:08 01:34:08 53.0
54 8751   Helen Fischer Angela Stenger GER 14:47:11 01:35:11 54.0
55 7873 Floyd Mark Dowdy Jason Bright USA 14:47:36 01:35:36 55.0
56 8637 Blowflies Sam Cronin Kevin Whitbread AUS/NSW 14:47:57 01:35:57 56.0
57 8501 TSTOY Windscreen Heath Patten Nick Merker AUS/WA 14:49:06 01:37:06 57.0
58 8811 Crimson Autograph Matt Hansen Shane Attwell AUS/WA 14:50:02 01:38:02 58.0
59 8789 Flobalob Tony Murray Karl Kuhn RSA 14:50:18 01:38:18 59.0
60 8786   Hubert Guy Steve Adolph USA 14:53:31 01:41:31 60.0
61 8602 Makybe Diva Kym Campion Charlie Longbottom AUS/SA 14:55:05 01:43:05 61.0
62 7539 ADHD Kuba Pawluk Piotr Zoltowski POL 14:55:22 01:43:22 62.0
63 8278 Valkyrie Luke Payne Ben Davis AUS/WA 14:55:27 01:43:27 63.0
64 8803 Don't Ask Ian Bryden James Bryden AUS/NSW 14:55:33 01:43:33 64.0
65 8785 SS Cardsharks Ian Burford Wayne Boyd AUS/SA 14:55:47 01:43:47 65.0
66 8292 Zooom Mark Scrymgour Liam McMahon AUS/SA 14:56:24 01:44:24 66.0
67 8589 Ross Island Annabel Jones Brian Jones AUS/QLD 14:56:29 01:44:29 67.0
68 8092 Swift Bill Travis Warren Cosh AUS/SA 14:57:39 01:45:39 68.0
69 8173 Fussbus Bob Fussell Jeremy Fussell AUS/NSW 14:57:45 01:45:45 69.0
DNF 6499 Orgasmatron Angus Brackett Colin Orsini USA     93.0
DNF 6765 Infrared Peter Croft Gary Rushton AUS/QLD     93.0
DNF 7338 Bluebeard Glen Greenhalgh Paul Greenhalgh AUS/SA     93.0
DNF 7983 Absolutely Fugly David Johnson Grahame Tindall AUS/NSW     93.0
DNF 8040 A Cunning Plan Robin Cross Mark Paparella AUS/SA     93.0
DNF 8418   Jan Sell Wiebke Gewinn GER     93.0
DNF 8445 Big Red Todger Patrick McCosh David Horsfall ZIM     93.0
DNF 8577 Plum Crazy Bruce Van Deventer Scott Weiler USA     93.0
DNF 8648 Jeff Robinson Mick O'Donnell AUS/NSW     93.0
DNF 8765 Into the Red Greg Illman John McLean AUS/SA     93.0
DNF 8777 Strawberry Stefan Schollmayer Frisco Sanguino GER     93.0
DNF 8849   Per Larsen Andreas Carlsson DEN/SWE     93.0
DNF 8885   Ben Iliffe Simon Lake GBR     93.0
DNF 8903   Boris Herrmann Julien Kleiner GER     93.0
DNF 8907 Zimmerjim Jim Berry Carl Gibbon GBR     93.0
DNS 7830 Stiff Ripples Jake Flintoff Jesse Flintoff AUS/WA     93.0
DNS 8435   Patrick McGale Marcus Korobacz GBR/AUS     93.0
DNS 8647 Liberator Hank Henry Mike Zimmerman USA     93.0
DNS 8728 XY Meiki Schomaeker Andrea Goerge GER     93.0
DNS 8746 Panther Raimo Raita Juha Nurmela Finland     93.0
DNS 8755 Banshee Brian Trainor Karl Oswald CAN     93.0
DNS 8796 Fangin Hoons Jonno Bannister Matt Burns AUS/SA     93.0
DNS 8808 The Regurgitator Evert Meyer Matt Kennerknecht USA     93.0

by Sail-World


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9:04 AM Sat 27 Jan 2007 GMT

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