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RS400 Volvo Noble Marine UK Nationals - Misty and Hazy Start on Day 3

'2013 RS400 Volvo Noble Marine UK Nationals'
The Noble Marine Volvo RS400 nationals got off to a slightly misty and hazy start on day three chiefly due to the excellent whisky tasting session organised by the Urquhart Twins on the Monday evening many thanks to Benromach. After the grey skies of Monday the sunshine had returned and a perfect F2-3 westerly was awaiting the fleet in the east course area.

The day was sponsored by KLG Estates and race one got away cleanly on the second start under the black flag. Mr and Mrs Robertson got away cleanly and appeared to have found an extra gear and had established a considerable lead by the windward mark , never to be seen again. In the pack there was a lot of place changing with the left hand side paying sometimes, and sometimes not. Paul and Mark Oakey gybed early on the second run to get into second place where they stayed to the finish, the ever consistent Farbrother / Martin claimed third and Rog Carter and Ein Stein did a great job climbing up the fleet to finish fourth.

Race two the wind had dropped slightly but remained fully powered hiking strength to keep the legs stretched. Again it was team Robertson that flew off the start line and again appeared to be in a different class getting no serious challenge to claim a second bullet. The racing was very close again in the chasing pack, with Mark and Bec Barron sailing a skilful race to just get second from Rog and Ian,whilst some guy called Pete Vincent crewed by Bendy Bonnie managed to fluke his way into fourth.

Special mention of the day has to go to Meg Hobson who had perhaps slightly over indulged in the free whisky and spent a considerable amount of the first race hanging overboard. Her problems were further confounded when a water bottle got stuck in the kite chute and she was sent forward under the foredeck to fix the problem not a nice job in rolling sea at the best of times!

Tonight promises the be a slightly quieter affair, albeit that the Crews Union are holding their annual General meeting so perhaps it is not bad that the start is slightly later tomorrow. The fleet are all keenly preparing the for the Scottish themed fancy dress party and ceilidh and there is a run on tartan tat in the charity shops of North Berwick. With the Robertsons stellar performance they have closed the gap on Farbrother to three points so it will be all to play for in the next two days.

Volvo Noble Marine RS 400 National Championship 2013

East Lothian Yacht Club

Provisional results as of 14.00 on 6.8.13


Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 44, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No Helm Crew Club Category G/S/B Tally R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 Total Nett
1st 1418 Howard Farbrother Dan Martin Queen Mary Sailing Club Master G 10 1.0 (10.0) 2.0 1.0 3.0 5.0         22.0 12.0
2nd 1319 Stewart Robertson Sarah Robertson Royal Forth Yacht Club Master/Lady Crew/Loving Cup G 21 2.0 (8.0) 5.0 6.0 1.0 1.0         23.0 15.0
3rd 476 Mark Barron Bec Barron Loch Tummel Sailing Club Lady Crew/Loving Cup G 22 4.0 1.0 8.0 (19.0) 5.0 2.0         39.0 20.0
4th 965 Roger Carter Ian Robertson Wormit Boating Club   G 9 8.0 4.0 4.0 (9.0) 4.0 3.0         32.0 23.0
5th 1161 Ben Robertson Hannah Robertson Scaling Dam SC Lady Crew G 39 3.0 9.0 3.0 8.0 (15.0) 6.0         44.0 29.0
6th 1200 Keith Bedborough Martin McCrew Dalgety Bay Sailing Club   G 4 (13.0) 2.0 7.0 13.0 6.0 10.0         51.0 38.0
7th 1313 Peter Vincent Mad Bonnie Moody Llandegfedd SC and Bristol CYC Master/Lady Crew G 13 9.0 (13.0) 9.0 10.0 8.0 4.0         53.0 40.0
8th 1384 Paul Oakey Mark Oakey Portchester Sailing Club Master G 8 7.0 (45.0 DNF) 21.0 7.0 2.0 9.0         91.0 46.0
9th 1390 Andy Hatch Daniel Hawkins Queen Mary SC Master G 19 5.0 3.0 (19.0) 15.0 12.0 11.0         65.0 46.0
10th 1351 Ian Robson Harry O'Riordan Aldeburgh Yacht Club Master G 1 14.0 5.0 15.0 4.0 (16.0) 8.0         62.0 46.0
11th 1337 Kevin Gibb Dave Milroy Largo Bay Sailing Club Master G 37 6.0 11.0 11.0 (45.0 BFD) 11.0 7.0         91.0 46.0
12th 1029 Wayne Fletcher Deb Fletcher Scaling Dam SC Lady Crew/Loving Cup G 12 15.0 17.0 1.0 2.0 13.0 (45.0 BFD)         93.0 48.0
13th 1398 Stuart Urquhart Richard Urquhart Royal Findhorn Yacht Club   G 32 11.0 14.0 10.0 3.0 10.0 (21.0)         69.0 48.0
14th 1294 John MacKenzie Andy Box West Lothian Sailing Club   S 5 12.0 (16.0) 16.0 11.0 14.0 13.0         82.0 66.0
15th 1196 Peter Snowdon Teresa Miolla Scaling Dam Sailing Club Master/Lady Crew G 24 20.0 20.0 6.0 (21.0) 9.0 12.0         88.0 67.0
16th 1322 Ross Ryan Kathryn Hinsliff-Smith Notts County Sailing Club Master/Lady Crew S 25 18.0 12.0 18.0 14.0 18.0 (27.0)         107.0 80.0
17th 810 Graeme Henry Katie Masterson St Mary's Loch Sailing Club Master/Lady Crew/Loving Cup B 7 (34.0) 21.0 20.0 5.0 22.0 16.0         118.0 84.0
18th 1018 Richard Bolton Lucy Robertson East Lothian Yacht Club Master/Lady Crew S 3 (23.0) 23.0 13.0 12.0 19.0 19.0         109.0 86.0
19th 1405 Liam Donnelly Chris Law Royal North of Ireland Master S 27 21.0 18.0 (36.0) 30.0 7.0 14.0         126.0 90.0
20th 1292 Christopher Eames Niall Eames Ballyholme YC Youth S 36 17.0 6.0 (35.0) 26.0 17.0 25.0         126.0 91.0
21st 1414 James Gardner Anne Gardner HISC Lady Crew/Loving Cup G 26 10.0 7.0 12.0 28.0 (45.0 DNS) 45.0 DNS         147.0 102.0
22nd 739 Phil Hermiston Martin Cruden Royal Findhorn Yacht Club Master S 29 19.0 22.0 23.0 (27.0) 23.0 17.0         131.0 104.0
23rd 1260 Patrick Shellcock Max Nicholson Parkstone Yacht Club Youth S 42 29.0 27.0 14.0 (31.0) 24.0 15.0         140.0 109.0
24th 979 Oliver George-Taylor Matt Langdon Locks SC Youth B 30 (45.0 DNS) 26.0 22.0 25.0 20.0 18.0         156.0 111.0
25th 588 Ollie Berryman Ed Bolitho Helford River Sailing Club   B 41 25.0 24.0 28.0 16.0 (45.0 DNS) 22.0         160.0 115.0
26th 0 David Harcourt Christine Short RYA   S 16 24.0 19.0 17.0 (36.0) 26.0 34.0         156.0 120.0
27th 630 Peter Craggs Phil Nelson York RI Sailing Club   B 6 33.0 15.0 32.0 (34.0) 21.0 23.0         158.0 124.0
28th 1049 Neil McLellan Ollie Milling-Smith East Lothian Yacht Club   S 35 16.0 30.0 29.0 (38.0) 27.0 24.0         164.0 126.0
29th 1162 Martin Slack Scott Macbeth Royal Findhorn Yacht Club Master B 38 (32.0) 25.0 27.0 18.0 30.0 30.0         162.0 130.0
30th 728 Rob Hastings Neil Morgan Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club   B 23 26.0 29.0 26.0 (40.0) 29.0 33.0         183.0 143.0
31st 1110 Vicki Thurston Jenny Douglas Queen Mary Sailing Club Lady Helm/Lady Crew B 20 30.0 28.0 (40.0) 17.0 31.0 38.0         184.0 144.0
32nd 475 Christopher Dowie Naomi Moran Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club Lady Crew B 34 22.0 36.0 30.0 (39.0) 28.0 29.0         184.0 145.0
33rd 877 Phil Britton Jules Thorne Dalgety Bay SC Master/Lady Crew B 17 31.0 (45.0 DNS) 39.0 20.0 36.0 20.0         191.0 146.0
34th 1101 Max Tosetti Simon Baker Queen Mary SC Master B 18 (36.0) 32.0 34.0 22.0 25.0 35.0         184.0 148.0
35th 1129 David Webley Fraser Mulford Wormit Boating Club Master B 33 28.0 35.0 25.0 (37.0) 33.0 32.0         190.0 153.0
36th 1117 Jane Robertson Eric Robertson East Lothian Yacht Club Master/Lady Helm B 40 27.0 (37.0) 33.0 29.0 37.0 31.0         194.0 157.0
37th 1006 Hugh Marston Steve Fraser East Lothian Yacht Club Master B 11 (39.0) 34.0 31.0 35.0 32.0 26.0         197.0 158.0
38th 1195 Oliver Webster Laura Webster Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club Lady Crew B 2 (38.0) 33.0 37.0 33.0 35.0 28.0         204.0 166.0
39th 441 Simon Grey Meg Hobson Chanonry Sailiing Club Master/Lady Crew B 14 35.0 38.0 38.0 23.0 (39.0) 36.0         209.0 170.0
40th 1180 Fiona Ferguson Graham Logan Loch Tummel Sailing Club Lady Helm B 15 (45.0 DNF) 31.0 24.0 45.0 BFD 34.0 37.0         216.0 171.0
41st 924 Simon Mathews Penny Atkinson Lancing SC Master/Lady Crew/Loving Cup B 28 40.0 39.0 (41.0) 32.0 38.0 39.0         229.0 188.0
42nd 509 Darren Martin Dave Matthews/Helen Jackson Royal Windermere Yacht Club   B 41 37.0 (45.0 DNC) 45.0 DNC 24.0 40.0 45.0 BFD         236.0 191.0
43rd 1032 Patrick Burns Norman Burns RYA Master     (45.0 DNC) 45.0 DNC 45.0 DNC 45.0 DNC 45.0 DNC 45.0 DNC         270.0 225.0
43rd 1406 Dave Cheyne Gordon Patterson Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club Master   43 (45.0 DNC) 45.0 DNC 45.0 DNC 45.0 DNC 45.0 DNC 45.0 DNC         270.0 225.0

by Keith Bedborough


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12:43 AM Wed 7 Aug 2013GMT

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With the front runners in the Rolex Sydney Hobart expected to sneak through in light to moderate tail winds, the weather prognosis for the remainder of the fleet is, well, interesting. The simple analysis is that fresh northerly winds will give the fleet a fast ride on Sunday and during the daylight hours of Monday. ... [more]  

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There is absolutely no way anyone can predict these before the vast majority of the still 109 vessels racing actually get home to Hobart Town. One can, however, talk about the very things that do go into making these results that so many chase and to do so, we have to work through a myriad of vessel designs, ages and types. ... [more]  

Rolex Sydney Hobart 2014; Handicap Honours Predictions VIDEO *Feature by Dale Lorimer, Hobart, Tasmania
Given the weather models for the race, Crosbie Lorimer did the rounds of the CYCA dock just prior to the start of the race to find out who the various skippers, navigators and tacticians believed might take out the overall Handicap win on IRC. Here are some of their predictions, how they are panning out for some and an update on the position at the front of the fleet. ... [more]  

Sydney Hobart 2014: A ridge too far for Comanche by Bruce Montgomery, RSHYR Media
2014 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - That’s the conclusion that one might well draw from the huge difference in the performance of the Hamilton Island super maxi Wild Oats XI and her main challenger, the US boat Comanche. ... [more]  

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