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Kieler Woche – Balancing act through the weather systems

by SVG Verlag on 19 Jun
Iordanis Paschalidis / Konstantinos Trigkonis (GRE) are the leaders of Formula 18 Class - Kieler Woche © Kieler Woche /
Sun in Kiel-Schilksee! What was the visitors' pleasure, was causing concerns for weather experts and race committee. Because the predicted West wind was endangered to collapse by the thermal influence of the solar radiation. But the balancing act between the weather systems worked out better than thought.

In the evening, the Head of Organisation of the Kiel Week, Dirk Ramhorst, could announce the fulfilment of a full program with only one race for the keel boats on course Foxtrott, two races for the Europes, Contenders and OK-dinghies, but a full program of three to five races for all other classes on the triangular courses. For Monday, the expected wind scenario is even more complicated, so the start has been already postponed to 1pm.

2.4mR: Matthew Bugg, the Australian silver medal winner of the Paralympicses 2016, can handle the pressure well, it seems. Since the first start at the Kiel Week he has a disqualification for an early start on his record and cannot afford any more negative result, since Heiko Kroeger (Ammersbek/Germany) is very close behind him. But the man from Down Under is coping well with this mental burden and is still in the lead after the second day - but only with one point ahead of Kroeger. Dee Smith (USA), the fourth from Rio, is the third one on the podium of international sailors. In the first part of the event, the boat class is sailed as an open class for disabled and non-disabled sailors. But the Paralympic sailors are showing their non-disabled competitors the stern at the moment.

29er: Only in wait for a place on the podium are the Germans in the 29er Euro Cup. At the top of the fleet, Rok Verderber/Klemen Semelbauer from Slovenia are leading, followed by Theo Revil/Gautier Guevel from France and MikolajStaniul/Kajetan Jablonski from Poland.

505: The Kiel Week is the direct preparation for the European Championship of the 505 class, which takes place during the Warnemuende Week. And the European Champions and third-ranked at the Worlds in 2013, the brothers Joergen and Jacob Bojsen-Moeller from Denmark, seem to be already well on track for that. With four victories and two second places, they are keeping the five-time World Champion Wolfgang Hunger (Strande/Germany) with his crew Julien Kleiner (Munich/Germany) at a distance. So it will be difficult for the record Kiel Week winner Hunger to win his 22. title on his home territory this year. The French Philippe Boite/Fountaine Mathieu are currently on rank three.

Contender: The German-Dutch duel as a preparation for the highlight of the season (the World Championship in Sonderborg in July) continues in the Contender. And again the Northern neighbours are holding all the aces. Jesper Nielsen (Denmark) is leading the fleet, followed by Christoph Homeier from Bremen (Germany) and Paul Verhallen (Netherlands).

Europe: In the mixed fleet of the Europe, the light winds on Sunday were according to the women's taste. The Danish Anna Livbjerg could situate herself at the top of the fleet with two victories with the Norwegian Lars Johan Brodtkorb and Fabian Kirchhoff (Huede/Germany) behind.

Flying Dutchman: Szabolcs Majthenyi/András Domokos, five-time Kiel Week winner in the Flying Dutchman, have been waiting for their next success in Kiel-Schilksee since 2014. And after the first half of their races, they have to realise, that two German crews are currently hard to beat. Kay Uwe Luedtke/Kai Schaefers (Stechlin), Vice World Champions of the previous year, are leading with a place five and five stage victories, followed by Kilian king/Johannes Brack (Waldeck), the Kiel Week title defenders and thirds at the Worlds 2016.

Laser 4.7/Laser Radial: In the Junior Laser class, the German sailors only seem to have a chance for the podium in the Laser 4.7. Julian Hoffmann (Immenstadt) is currently on rank two behind the Swiss Felix Baudet. Nicholas Bezy (Hongkong) has taken over the lead in the Laser Radial.

Results Kieler Woche – Part one day two

2.4mR open: (6) 1. Matthew Bugg (AUS,(29)1/1/6/2/1) Punkte 11; 2. Heiko Kröger (Ammersbek,1/2/2(10)3/4) 12; 3. Dee Smith (USA,(7)3/4/3/1/7) 18; 4. Michael Leydon (AUS,3/5/5(20)12/2) 27; 5. Ulli Libor (Frei-Laubersheim,2/8/7/4/6(10)) 27; 6. Daniel Bina (CZE,5(10)9/9/5/6) 34;

29er: (9) 1. Rok Verderber / Klemen Semelbauer (SLO,5/6/3/1/3(12)1/7/3) Punkte 29; 2. Theo Revil / Gautier Guevel (FRA,8/1/2/6/2/3(24)6/2) 30; 3. Miko?aj Staniul / Kajetan Jab?o?ski (POL,1/5/1/4/6/2/5(35)14) 38; 4. Benjamin Jaffrezic / Léo Chauvel (FRA,2/4/10/9/10/5/4/1(13)) 45; 5. Elias Odrischinsky / Oliver Silen (BRA,4/9/6/10/7/1/1(16)8) 46; 6. Aristide Girou / Noah Chauvin (FRA,13/2/7/7/5/4/4/9(47)) 51;

5O5: (6) 1. Jørgen Bojsen-Møller / Jacob Bojsen-Møller (DEN,1(2)1/1/1/2 Punkte 6; 2. Wolfgang Dr. Hunger / Julien Kleiner (Potsdam,4/1(16)5/3/4) 17; 3. Philippe Boite / Fountaine Mathieu (FRA,7/3/2/2/4(10)) 18; 4. Benedikt Northoff / Holger Jess (Krailling,3/5(19)8/10/5) 31; 5. Morten Bogacki / Lars Dehne (Velbert,11/7/3/6/5(13)) 32; 6. Nicola Birkner / Angela Stenger (Berlin,15(24)13/3/2/1) 34;

Contender: (5) 1. Jesper Nielsen (DEN,1/1(53)2/5) Punkte 9; 2. Christoph Homeier (Bremen,2(8)2/4/7) 15; 3. Paul Verhallen (NED,10/3/3(24)3) 19; 4. Jacob Kristensen (DEN,(12)9/4/9/2) 24; 5. Markus Maisenbacher (Verden,(15)12/12/1/1) 26; 6. Rene Heynen (NED,4/14/1/15(53)) 34;

Europe: (5) 1. Anna Livbjerg (DEN,(2)2/2/1/1) Punkte 6; 2. Lars Johan Brodtkorb (NOR,1/1/1/4(13)) 7; 3. Fabian Kirchhoff (Herford,3/3/6/2(12)) 14; 4. Sylvain Notonier (FRA,4/5/3(43)4) 16; 5. Marisa Roch (Wees,10(18)11/3/3) 27; 6. Nicki Kraus (Flensburg,5/4/8(19)14) 31;

FD: (6) 1. Kay-Uwe Lüdtke / Kai Schäfers (Stechlin,(5)1/1/1/1/1) Punkte 5; 2. Kilian König / Johannes Brack (Waldeck,3(25)2/2/2/29 11; 3. Szabolcs Majthényi / András Domokos (HUN,1/2/4(25)6/5) 18; 4. Jiri Hruby / Roman Houdek (CZE,4/5/5/5(9)3) 22; 5. Ralf Behrens / Lars Stöckmann (Velpke,6/4(25)4/3/6) 23; 6. Thomas Schiffer / Alexander Antrecht (Krefeld,7(25)3/6/5/4) 25;

Folkeboot: (4) 1. Per Joergensen / Kristian Hansen, Bent Mallemuk Nielsen (DEN,2(4)1/1) Punkte 4; 2. Siegfried Busse / Uwe Pfuhl, Jan Stoltenberg (Boksee,1/2/2(6)) 5; 3. Ulf Kipcke / Dieter Kipcke, Gero Martens (Neumünster,(9)3/3/4) 10; 4. Bernd Ehler / Stephan Tinnemeyer, Sören Zopf (Kiel,4(7)4/5) 13; 5. Kristian Klein / Manuel Wettels, Martin Jahrmarkt (Oberhausen,6(8)8/2) 16; 6. Walther Furthmannn / Hans Christian Mrowka, Wolfgang Heck (Kiel,3/6/7(10)) 16;

Formula 18: (6) 1. Iordanis Paschalidis / Konstantinos Trigkonis (GRE,(3)1/3/1/1/1) Punkte 7; 2. Robert Schütz / Rea Kühl (Krefeld,2/2/6(8)2/5) 17; 3. Dieter Maurer / Katrin Oldenburg (Lübeck,(6)6/1/5/6/2) 20; 4. Finn Heeg / Kilian Feindt (Flensburg,1/4/5(21)7/4) 21; 5. Magnus Dahl Nicolaisen / Jesper Vogelius (DEN,7/3/4/4(9)3) 21; 6. Sven Lindstädt / Jesse Lindstädt (Norderstedt,4/5/2/3/8(9)) 22;

Hobie 16: (6) 1. Knud Jansen / Christina Schober (Kiel,3/1/1(5)1/1) Punkte 7; 2. Jens Goritz / Kerstin Wichardt (Wyk auf Föhr,2/2/2/1(4)2) 9; 3. Detlef Mohr / Karen Wichardt (Reinfeld,1/3/4/2(7)3) 13; 4. Lauritz Bockelmann / Janneke Fock (Faßberg OT Poitzen,4/5/3/4/2(7)) 18; 5. Ingo Delius / Sabine Delius-wenig (Bielefeld,(5)4/5/3/3/4) 19; 6. Christian Diederich / Anke Delius (Bordesholm,(6)6/6/6/5/5) 28;

J/24: (4) 1. Mike Ingham / Max Holzer, Marianne Schoke, Quinn Schwenker, Paul Abdullah (USA,3/1/1(4)) Punkte 5; 2. Duncan Mccarthy / Steve Phelps, Josh Irons, Hannah Mccarthy, Julian Lee (GBR,2/2(6)2) 6; 3. Travis Odenbach / Ian Coleman, Hugh Ward, Annabel Cuttermole, Jack Sharland (USA,4(5)2/5) 11; 4. Stefan Karsunke / Tim Habekost, Carsten Kerschies, Malte Gibbe, Christian Carstens (Hamburg,1/7/4(10)) 12; 5. Andrew Taylor / Robert Clark, Paul Williams, Zoe Dunne, Izzy Savage (GBR,5/4/5(21)) 14; 6. Manfred König / Tina Lülfing, Olaf Schmidt, Nils Glockow, Rollo Böhm (Hamburg,6(9)8/1) 15;

Laser 4.7: (6) 1. Félix Baudet (SUI,1(18)1/1/1/8) Punkte 12; 2. Julian Hoffmann (Blaiach,1/1/3(38)2/5) 12; 3. Johan Schubert (DEN,2(7)4/4/1/1) 12; 4. Tobias Sandmo Birkeland (NOR,3/4/1/2(6)2) 12; 5. Julia Rogalska (POL,3/1/2(9)5/3) 14; 6. Daniel Hopkins (IRL,2/2/9(31)11/3) 27;

Laser Radial (open): (6) 1. Nicholas Bezy (HKG,1/3/2(53)5/8) Punkte 19; 2. Uffe Tomasgaard (NOR,4/4/4/6/3(8)) 21; 3. Yoshihiro Suzuki (JPN,2/1/1/13/7(44)) 24; 4. Caroline Sofia Rosmo (NOR,4/11/7(53)2/2) 26; 5. Maor Ben Harosh (ISR,(51)4/11/3/10/1) 29; 6. Emma Savelon (NED,9/6(16)4/9/1) 29;

OK: (5) 1. Jim Hunt (GBR,(1)1/1/1/1) Punkte 4; 2. Greg Wilcox (Potsdam,2/2/2(7)7) 13; 3. Mats Caap (SWE,3/3/9/2(18)) 17; 4. Sönke Behrens (Hamburg,4(7)4/6/3) 17; 5. Martin v. Zimmermann (Hamburg,5/4/3/16(17)) 28; 6. Marek Bernat (POL,9/5(17)17/2) 33;

Albin Express: (4) 1. Jan Brink / Jörg Rüterhenke, Lasse Waltje, Jan Günther (Flensburg,1/1(2)1) Punkte 3; 2. Martin Görge / Rasmus Görge, Beau Outridge, Paul Farien (Kiel,3/3/1(4)) 7; 3. Andreas Pinnow (Kiel,2/2(3)3) 7; 4. Holger Rövensthal / Solveyg Rövensthal, Marlies Endjer, Kerstin Gatzke, Martin Rosenthal (Kiel,4(6)4/2) 10; 5. Lasse Schön / Jan Sumfleth, Jirka Menke, Jessika Stiefken (Kiel,6/4/5(7)) 15; 6. Nils Krafft / Andreas Gustafsson, Matti Zimmer, Lars Hauschild (Ellerbek,5/5(6)6) 16;

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