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Embrace 2013, GC marine precinct plans, boating & booze warnings

by Jeni Bone, editor on 1 Jan 2013

Happy New Year! Despite this casual, easy time of the holidays, it's no slow news week by any stretch of the imagination!

No doubt the owners, crew and supporters of Wild Oats XI have barely recovered from celebrating their historic wins and we are all wishing we would not to see ham, turkey, chicken, pork and the trimmings for at least another year (pudding I am a fan of all year round), and here were are in 2013!

May it be a sensational one for all of us, with as the papers referred to it 'a rise in the lack of pessimism'. Let's hope that confusing consumer sentiment grows to something like optimism off the back of a great summer.

Speaking of which, hope you are all enjoying time off to spend time on the water, safely.

Police and maritime authorities are reminding boaties that the same limits apply on water as on the roads, 0.05, which applies to skippers, who also have a responsibility to ensure their guests are not impaired by alcohol.

This week, light reading and a few meaty features too, including musing on the New Year's Eve theme revealed last night: 'Embrace' as urged by Sydney's cultural creative director, the one and only Kylie Minogue.

Embrace change, embrace new thinking, embrace innovation, embrace learning and sharing - just some of the relevant mantras for this year in the marine industry, with boat shows kicking off in February with the Melbourne Summer Boat Show, followed by Brisbane Tinnie & Tackle, Rosehill Trailer Boat Show and Hillarys in WA in March, then Marine13 in April and ASMEX scheduled for May.

To amuse you, there's a selection of dream boats to whet your appetite - some that are just whimsy, but perhaps in the price range of us mere mortals, and one that is to die for.

Regina is the gorgeous sailing yacht you would have noticed if you've seen James Bond's latest adventure, Skyfall.

It's for sale for 11 million Euros, which is a steal if you happen to pick up a bag of cash at the casino as he did for doing a job in Shanghai, and manage to dodge the Komodo on the way out.

Also in today's batch of news, more details of the new development planned for the Gold Coast marine precinct - an additional 64 hectares devoted to integrated marine industry, berths, dry stack, showrooms, offices, dining, residential and retail. When approved, sometime this year, it will be the boost the marine industry in south-east Queensland and nationally could do with, leading to nearly 4,000 jobs and creating a new marine hub in one of the country's fastest growing regions.

Then there are the stories that just didn't make the deadline. I have just got off the phone from a well known boating industry proponent who has exciting news, but you will have to wait til later in the week for the real story - details still yet to be confirmed and you know I am not one to pass on second-hand gossip! It's worth the wait, so pop back soon!

Until then, get out and experience summer on the water, wherever you are.
Safe and sensational boating!

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