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Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 - Big winds, big changes

'Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012'    Thomas Anderson - copyright

The penultimate day of the 2012 Dragon Edinburgh Cup sponsored by Belfast Harbour brought big winds and big changes in the overall leader board.

There was just one race to complete so the committee set a full two-mile beat and with the wind gusting up into the high 20s it was to be a day that would truly sort the men from the boys. This fifth race in the series also brought the single discard into play and as a result there were major gains and losses with several of the early favourites dropping out of serious contention whilst others jumped up the rankings.

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

The man who made the biggest gain of the day was Simon Brien who went from second overall, ten points behind Julia Bailey, to first overall with a nice but not unassailable nine point lead over fellow Irishman Martin Byrne, who discarded a 39th place in favour of today's eighth to scoot up from ninth into second. Tonight reigning Edinburgh Cup Champion Brien was relieved to still be in contention to defend his title at all. On the start line he was caught up in a major incident caused by another boat and ended up rounding the first mark back in 25th place before fighting his way back up through the fleet.

There are now only four points separating second to fifth and technically any of the top eight boats could still win the regatta. Lawrie Smith finished the race in fourth and moves up into third overall, just two points behind Byrne. A single point behind him is Jens Rathsack who makes an even bigger leap up the scoreboard from 12th to fourth thanks to adding a sixth and discarding an OCS.

For Julia Bailey it was definitely not a good day. She did her best to recover from a lousy start but ended up getting her worst result of the series at 22nd place and drops down from first to fifth overall, one point behind Rathsack. Gavia Wilkinson-Cox put in another very solid performance to finish fifth, but the discards did not work in her favour so she drops from third to sixth overall.

Today's race winner was double Olympic Gold Medallist Poul Richard Hoj-Jensen who took control off the line and never gave a moment's though to relinquishing it as he delighted in the stronger conditions. His win puts him in seventh place overall, four points behind Wilkinson-Cox, and still in with a slim chance of claiming a record equalling sixth Edinburgh Cup title. Andrew Craig is the final player still in with a long shot at the laurels. His ninth place in race five leaves him four points behind Hoj-Jensen but 24 points behind Brien. Rounding out the top ten are Cameron Good and Klaus Diederichs who clearly loved the stronger winds and crossed the line in second place after a spectacular tousle amongst the leading pack.

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

One final race remains to be sailed tomorrow and with a forecast for lighter winds it remains anyone's championship.

With the championship race completed it was the turn of the crews to take the helm in the traditional Edinburgh Cup crews race which proved to be every bit as cut throat and exciting. One or two of the regular helms found themselves a bit disconcerted to be on the bow in well over 20 knots of breeze but the crews showed no mercy. Henry Kingston sailing Cameron Good's Little Fella was the ultimate victor although he was challenged hard by 11-year-old Will Heritage sailing Julia and Graham Bailey's Aimee. Ross Vaughan sailing Gordon Patterson's Bear took third with Guy Clarabut in Jono Ratnage's Fit Chick hard on his heels. Will Heritage was declared the very deserving winner of the special prize for young helms Under 30.

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  


International Dragon Class - Edinburgh Cup 2012

Sponsored by Belfast Harbour at the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club

Provisional results after race 5 - Following Redress hearing


Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 45, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Tally Boat SailNo HelmName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Nett
1st 27c KIN 214 IRL Simon Brien RNIYC 4.0 (26.0) 3.0 1.0 3.0 11.0
2nd 32 JAGUAR 201 IRL Martin Byrne RSTGYC 8.0 3.0 1.0 (39.0) 8.0 20.0
3rd 38 ALFIE 763 GBR Lawrie Smith Glandore 11.0 2.0 5.0 (26.0) 4.0 22.0
4th 29 JEANIE 2 MON Rathsack Jens MYC 2.0 6.0 (46.0 OCS) 9.0 6.0 23.0
5th 11c AIMEE 720 GBR Julia Bailey RYS 1.0 1.0 20.0 2.0 (22.0) 24.0
6th 18 JERBOA 761 GBR Gavia Wilkinson-Cox RCYC 12.0 (13.0) 9.0 4.0 5.0 30.0
7th 36 DANISH BLUE 775 GBR Poul Hoj-Jensen RYS 7.0 (19.0) 4.0 19.0 1.0 31.0
8th 26 CHIMAERA 216 IRL Andrew Craig RSTGYC 18.0 (46.0 BFD) 2.0 6.0 9.0 35.0
9th 41 LITTLE FELLA 211 IRL Cameron Good Kinsale 3.0 (21.0) 18.0 3.0 12.0 36.0
10th 16 FEVER 758 GBR Klaus Diederichs RORC (29.0) 7.0 6.0 24.0 2.0 39.0
11th 2c SEABIRD 204 IRL Owen Pay RCYC 10.0 4.0 10.0 15.0 (28.0) 39.0
12th 17 HANDS OFF 760 GBR Mike Holmes RCYC 5.0 15.0 (37.0) 8.0 11.0 39.0
13th 6 FEI-LIN'S FLIRTATION 633 GBR Ron James RFYC (16.0) 10.0 7.0 10.5 RDG 16.0 43.5
14th 10c NEREID 717 GBR Patrick Gifford ALDERBURGH YC 6.0 16.0 8.0 22.0 (24.0) 52.0
15th 46c PHANTOM 176 IRL Ruan O'Tiarnaigh RNIYC/RStG 9.0 18.0 21.0 5.0 (46.0 DNF) 53.0
16th 9 RUMOURS 708 GBR Quentin Strauss UPPER THAMES SC 14.0 17.0 (28.0) 7.0 20.0 58.0
17th 12c AVALANCHE 722 GBR Mark Wade RCYC 19.0 (30.0) 16.0 12.0 13.0 60.0
18th 45c DUBLIN BAY 198 IRL Garry Treacy RStG (35.0) 8.0 22.0 21.0 10.0 61.0
19th 35 COOL RUNNINGS 748 GBR Thorkild Juncker RORC 25.0 20.0 (26.0) 13.0 7.0 65.0
20th 24c DIVA 210 IRL Don O'Donoghue RSTG 32.0 5.0 11.0 (37.0) 21.0 69.0
21st 20 QUICKSILVER V 766 GBR Robert Campbell RCYC (27.0) 9.0 23.0 23.0 23.0 78.0
22nd 21 DARK & STORMY 768 GBR Christopher Hunt RYS 17.0 (32.0) 12.0 31.0 19.0 79.0
23rd 25 CLOUD 206 IRL Clare Hogan RSTGYC 20.0 (46.0 BFD) 14.0 18.0 27.0 79.0
24th 42c HYBRASIL 197 IRL Peter O'Reilly RStG (31.0) 23.0 15.0 20.0 26.0 84.0
25th 5 MERLIN 622 GBR Robert Riddell SCYC 22.0 24.0 24.0 (42.0) 15.0 85.0
26th 19c NAIAD 764 GBR Michael Hayles AYC 21.0 12.0 (39.0) 29.0 25.0 87.0
27th 47c APHRODITE 110 IRL Michael Doorly RStG 24.0 22.0 19.0 (33.0) 24.5 RDG 89.5
28th 13c WHIMSEY 206 AUS Gordon Ingate RSYS 30.0 (31.0) 30.0 14.0 17.0 91.0
29th 28c YEVIS II 50 JPN Boccia A Aayama Enoshima YC 26.0 11.0 31.0 25.0 (34.0) 93.0
30th 15c SCIMITAR 755 GBR Julian Sowry MYC (46.0 OCS) 29.0 34.0 17.0 14.0 94.0
31st 14c FIT CHICK 753 GBR Jono Ratnage MEDWAY YC 36.0 25.0 13.0 27.0 (38.0) 101.0
32nd 22 EVE 150 IRL Ean Pugh MONACO 15.0 (34.0) 29.0 30.0 29.0 103.0
33rd 30 WHISPER 213 IRL Michael Cotter RSTGYC 28.0 (46.0 BFD) 27.0 10.5 RDG 39.0 104.5
34th 3c SOU'WESTER 436 GBR John Simms RUYC 23.0 33.0 (40.0) 35.0 18.0 109.0
35th 31c BEAR 767 GBR Gordon Patterson RNIYC (41.0) 27.0 38.0 16.0 30.0 111.0
36th 23c TENACIOUS 157 IRL Anthony O'Neill KYC 13.0 36.0 25.0 (41.0) 41.0 115.0
37th 44C GITANE 699 GBR James Peters SCYC 38.0 (46.0 BFD) 17.0 34.0 31.0 120.0
38th 7c BLUE MOVIE 690 GBR David Atkinson SUNDERLAND YC (46.0 OCS) 14.0 36.0 32.0 40.0 122.0
39th 39C ZU 159 IRL Chris Fleming RStG 34.0 (46.0 BFD) 33.0 28.0 32.0 127.0
40th 8c GANADOR 704 GBR Martin Makey RCYC 33.0 28.0 35.0 (36.0) 33.0 129.0
41st 40c PHORMALLY PHANTOM 655 GBR Chris Thomas SCYC 37.0 37.0 32.0 (38.0) 36.0 142.0
42nd 1C VALANGA 210 AUS Sandy Anderson RFBYC (42.0) 35.0 42.0 40.0 37.0 154.0
43rd 33c GREY HARE 19 IRL Shaun Kingston KYC 39.0 (46.0 BFD) 43.0 44.0 35.0 161.0
44th 4c AMAZON 557 GBR Graham Price ABERSOCH 40.0 38.0 41.0 (43.0) 43.0 162.0
45th 43c ATALANTA 508 GBR George Davis SCYC 43.0 (46.0 BFD) 46.0 OCS 45.0 42.0 176.0

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012 -  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

IMG 9551 - Dragon Edinburgh Cup 2012  Thomas Anderson_- copyright  

by Fiona Brown


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10:12 PM Fri 6 Jul 2012GMT

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