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Day 2: Results - Laser Radial Men Worlds

Results for Laser Radial World Championships - Open Men. Two races were completed today for each fleet in brisk 12-15 north-easterlies.


Results as of 16:01 on March 25, 2008
Sailed:4, Discards:0, To count:4, Entries:71
1st L7 CAN 175948 Leigh Michael 2 2 1 1 6 6
2nd N9 USA 184454 Funk Brad 1 3 2 2 8 8
3rd C9 NZL 184685 Sandall James 6 1 13 7 27 27
4th H1 AUS 188795 Burman James 18 4 6 4 32 32
5th H2 NED 181979 Pelt Gijs 3 10 12 8 33 33
6th 2 CAL 190888 Frei Mathieu 4 9 7 22 42 42
7th H5 NZL 187891 McLay Blair 22 7 8 6 43 43
8th L9 NZL 181880 Andrews Max 8 24 9 5 46 46
9th K3 AUS 192291 Palk Ryan 15 5 25 11 56 56
10th G3 CAL 186634 Leseigneur Malo 9 20 14 13 56 56
11th N0 NZL 181311 Orams Mark 25 15 4 15 59 59
12th K4 NZL 162120 Cree Elliot 10 19 16 17 62 62
13th M7 GBR 182523 Paton Ben 23 12 15 14 64 64
14th M8 NED 185392 Mackelenbergh Rodie 32 16 3 20 71 71
15th M4 NZL 191211 Overington Mark 11 13 17 31 72 72
16th H4 NED 192302 Koppelaar Ben 21 11 21 23 76 76
17th 9 AUS 192290 Hauschildt Klade 29 14 19 16 78 78
18th B6 AUS 187925 Gunther Benjamin 27 27 ARB 18 10 82 82
19th 99 AUS 169430 Morgan Simon 7 72 BFD 5 3 87 87
20th 68 USA 188670 Alley Philip 5 29 27 26 87 87
21st 80 CRO 187073 Matika Filip 17 8 37 28 90 90
22nd 94 ITA 181441 Baruzzi Marco 16 21 35 21 93 93
23rd G8 AUS 186652 Brown Tristan 14 17 40 35 106 106
24th 38 POR 185090 Neves Paulo 36 27 23 24 110 110
25th B7 CRO 178705 Perucic Fran 34 30 22 30 116 116
26th P7 NZL 188801 Hume-Merry Aaron 54 25 20 19 118 118
27th M2 NZL 161262 Geale Jason 26 72 BFD 10 12 120 120
28th E9 AUS 187901 Stoddart Ryan 49 37 11 25 122 122
29th 62 GRE 185589 Sertsios Dimitrios 33 18 38 36 125 125
30th H0 AUS 190343 Ormsby Kelsey 43 26 30 33 132 132
31st J6 NZL 192618 Winter Martin 31 72 BFD 24 9 136 136
32nd G2 CAN 190393 Wong Andrew 46 31 26 34 137 137
33rd 33 TUR 127781 Karagun Ercan 41 36 34 32 143 143
34th F4 AUS 172249 Price Ben 12 72 BFD 31 29 144 144
35th L0 NZL 190321 Hanns Benjamin 24 23 56 43 146 146
36th H6 TRI 193068 Lewis Andrew 28 47 28 45 148 148
37th G6 ITA 181545 Magni Alberto 30 22 42 55 149 149
38th A2 CRO 188198 Longin Matija 51 28 32 38 149 149
39th N1 NZL 179385 Martin Jed 42 40 29 40 151 151
40th C7 NZL 190328 Swanson Rowan 19 45 55 37 156 156
41st 87 USA 181814 Crain Philip 35 63 33 27 158 158
42nd P9 NZL 190330 Webster Greg 38 39 36 50 163 163
43rd 16 JPN 177065 Watanabe Shingo 44 42 47 42 175 175
44th D0 NZL 177773 Evans Timothy 20 35 63 58 176 176
45th E3 NZL 166816 Grew Benjamin 13 33 68 69 183 183
46th L1 ESP 190965 Pizzuto Munte Joao 37 54 39 53 183 183
47th D7 NZL 187893 Knowsley Michael 60 43 53 41 197 197
48th C5 NZL 186658 Dellabarca Andrew 62 72 BFD 46 18 198 198
49th J4 NZL 188809 Saunders Vincent 47 48 43 61 199 199
50th K8 AUS 191625 Willmott Grant 45 44 50 60 199 199
51st K7 NZL 178818 Leith Scott 52 58 45 44 199 199
52nd H7 NZL 188800 Weeks Josh 53 38 58 51 200 200
53rd C4 NZL 181949 Tam Edmund 40 50 54 56 200 200
54th 59 GBR 180368 Gregory Ian 57 34 48 66 205 205
55th C2 NZL 182995 Keeton Michael 50 55 61 39 205 205
56th G1 NZL 163936 Halliburton Nigel 64 41 59 47 211 211
57th N2 NZL 176924 Hood Mike 63 53 41 57 214 214
58th 34 JPN 177445 Doi Kohei 61 32 60 62 215 215
59th J8 NZL 186662 Glassford Michael 67 56 44 48 215 215
60th G4 NZL 187890 Child Andrew 55 51 64 54 224 224
61st E1 NZL 162125 Clough Jonathan 59 46 57 63 225 225
62nd 67 JPN 190315 Onodera Shoichiro 48 52 62 65 227 227
63rd G0 NZL 181995 Barker Tom 39 60 65 67 231 231
64th 97 USA 184559 Abels Fred 72 DNF 59 52 49 232 232
65th C8 FRA 191371 Bouchet Romain 66 72 BFD 49 46 233 233
66th 70 JPN 120033 Hiwa Syota 68 49 67 52 236 236
67th M1 NZL 181711 Pasco Michael 58 72 DNF 51 59 240 240
68th J9 NZL 191619 Hawkes Maximus 56 72 BFD 66 64 258 258
69th E4 NZL 180212 Shields Michael 70 57 69 68 264 264
70th N6 NZL 190326 Locke Adam 65 62 70 70 267 267
71st G9 NZL 179384 Yankov Georgi 69 61 71 71 272 272

Scoring codes used
Code Description Points
ARB 20% penalty under rule 30.2 27
BFD Black flag disqualification under rule 30.3 72
DNF Started but did not finish 72

by Sarah Powrie


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5:04 AM Tue 25 Mar 2008 GMT

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2008 Takapuna World Championships

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