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ASMEX networking, BIA 'good boating ahead', commercial fishing reform

by Jeni Bone, editor on 4 Dec 2012

Hope wherever you are there's a cool breeze, AC or liquid of some description to cool you down! On the east coast of Australia, temps are hitting the mid-30s and in some places, into the 40s, leading to mass ablutions at beaches, pools and lakes.

What a great way to start the summer, bush fire dangers aside, as industry pundits give a cheer for El Niño and its ability to inspire people to buy or use their boats - good business all round!

According to BOM, the term El Niño refers to 'the extensive warming of the central and eastern Pacific that leads to a major shift in weather patterns across the Pacific. In Australia (particularly eastern Australia), El Niño events are associated with an increased probability of drier conditions'. Sounds like fair weather to drive a positive summer.

This week, there's a fresh batch of boating, fishing, yachting and industry news from the region and the world, starting with an update on the speakers and additional benefits of registering to attend ASMEX 2013 in May next year, as well as a preview of the Brisbane Tinnie and Tackle + 4X4 Expo which hits Brissie in March. Exhibitor interest is high as people rush to secure space for Australia's largest outdoor show.

Ironically, the same week that John West resolved to only source tuna from fishing practices that are scientifically proven sustainable, and reject techniques such as the use of FAD-associated purse seine nets, commencing 2015, so too did the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson propose a raft of reforms for that state's commercial fishing industry, citing the benefits for 'the long-term viability and sustainability of the State’s fisheries resources'.

Central to the changes are an initial fee increase from July 2013, moving towards fees based on resource access. Following on from the commercial fishing/prawning story we ran last week, please spare some time to read the updated piece and opinions from the Batemans Bay fishing community, those who believe they will be hardest hit by this rationalisation.

Loads of products and boats launched this week, plenty more to come and some important features in the pipeline. We won't stop for Christmas, perhaps just for pudding, but the news will keep flowing so stay in touch.

Grab a G&T or other such refreshment, pause and catch up with latest marine news from all over this blue planet.

Happy boating this week, and over this long, hot summer!

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