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2014 Lido 14 National Class Championship - Day 2

'Chris Raab (l) fights off Christophe Killian (r) to win Race three in their furious tacking duel to the finish line'    Rich Roberts

2014 Lido 14 National Class Championship - For a while Saturday the 2014 Lido 14 National Class Championship at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club was building to a Sunday showdown between Chris Raab, who won Friday's Qualification competition and two of Saturday's fleet races, and young Christophe Killian, the defending champion who had three seconds before finishing first in Saturday's sixth and final race.

It may still happen, but both would have to do it the hard way.

The drama changed critically when each returned to the dock moments at day's end to learn they had been disqualified for jumping the start line in the last race---OCS (on course side) the penalty is called.

Peter Beale and crew Lisa Baertein chase the leaders downwind -  Rich Roberts  

Both claimed they were not over early, but both of their appeals were denied by the race jury meeting them in closed hearings. They each had to eat penalties of 24 points, dropping them into fourth and sixth places before today's last six scheduled races.

Smile time! Shown winning Race four, Kevin Thomas and crew Amanda Wayne lead the Gold fleet after six races -  Rich Roberts  

That left ABYC's own Kevin Thomas and crew Amanda Wayne with a strlng of single digit finishes (five – nine – four – one – eight - two) and a three-point lead over ABYC's Bruce Golison and crew Dina Corsi. Raab is now 10 points off the lead, four ahead of Killian.

It should be an interesting Sunday.

As for Thomas and Wayne, they were stunned to be on top, even if the latter is a chairperson of the event, as is Golison---and please don't read anything into that.

Bruce Golison (r) held off -  Rich Roberts  

'We learned about it when we got to the dock,' Wayne said. 'It was like, 'What are you talking about?' '

It was especially surprising to Thomas that it happened in very tricky light (mostly five knots) and shifty southeast breeze wafting over the small bay.

'We usually do better in bigger wind,' he said, 'and this fleet is so deep in talent with all the world champions and the like.'

Killian said he knew he was over the line 'with 30 seconds to go, but we took a quick dive and got back below the line before the start.'

After their tacking duel, Raab beats Killian by half a boat length -  Rich Roberts  

Raab said, 'I was behind [fellow ABYC member] Chuck Clay on his transom with Golison to weather, and he wasn't over, either. I know to stay behind the line.'

Otherwise, despite the ugly conditions, the pair displayed the best action of the event with a fierce tacking duel toward the finish of Saturday's third race. The veteran Raab, a four-time winner of this event, held off his 17-year-old rival to win by half a boat length.

Gabriel Ferramola crosses the competition in Silver fleet -  Rich Roberts  

Final racing Sunday will start at 11:30 a.m., conditions permitting.

The event organizers thank Jake Sorosky from Quantum Sails, Simmzy’s of Long Beach, Gresham Boards and the ABYC Junior program for their donations.

The pelicans also got into the fun -  Rich Roberts  

The leaders

(After six of twelve races; no discards)

Gold fleet
(23 boats)

1. Kevin Thomas/Amanda Wayne, ABYC, 5-9-4-1-8-2, 29 points.
2. Bruce Golison/Dina Corsi, ABYC, 16-2-3-5-5-1, 32.
3. Mark Ryan/Sarah Schaupeter, ABYC/Leeway Sailing Center, 14-3-12-2-1-5, 37.
4. Chris Raab/Scott McKeiver, Newport Harbor YC/ABYC, 3-1-1-7-3-24/OCS, 39.

Silver fleet:
(22 boats)

1. Gabriel Ferramola/Melody Wong, 1-3-1-8-4-2, 31.
2. Bill Moore/Derrick Buczynski, ABYC, 4-12-3-6-1-1, 27.
3. Jeff Merrill/Pam Merrill, ABYC, 5-4-2-1-11-8, 31.

2014 Lido 14 National Class Championship Final Cumulative Results:

        Sail Number Yacht Name Yacht Design Skipper/Crew Race
Alamitos Bay, CA Racing
  One Design Division
    Lido 14 Gold Fleet
    1. USA 3883 Short Bus Lido 14 Kevin Thomas / Amanda Wayne 5 9 4 1 8 2 29.0
    2. USA 2665 2665 Lido 14 Bruce Golison / Dina Corsi 16 2 3 5 5 1 32.0
    3. USA 2506 Orin B Lido 14 Mark Ryan / Sarah Schaupeter 14 3 12 2 1 5 37.0
    4. USA 4732 LG One Lido 14 Chris Raab / Scott McKeiver 3 1 1 7 3 24/OCS 39.0
    5. USA 4072 4072 Lido 14 Bob Little / Lisa Little 1 6 11 4 12 6 40.0
    6. USA 5100 White Star Lido 14 Christophe Killian / Jack Martin 2 5 2 8 2 24/OCS 43.0
    7. USA 6288 Lido Love Lido 14 Walter Johnson / Jessica 8 19 7 12 6 8 60.0
    8. USA 6134 6134 Lido 14 Mark Golison / Beth Golison 11 10 5 3 20 12 61.0
    9. USA 4706 Classic Lido 14 Kevin Kirk / Susannah Kirk 6 17 8 11 16 4 62.0
    10. USA 5024 Full Tilt Boogie Lido 14 Kevin Taugher / Katie Taugher 7 13 6 17 9 14 66.0
    11. USA 3747 26 in Spanish Lido 14 Chuck Clay / Gavin McJones 18 11 16 19 4 3 71.0
    12. USA 4339 Close Shave Lido 14 John Gresham / Tessa Bookwalter 24/OCS 8 15 9 10 7 73.0
    13. USA 4794 ANGRY aNGEL Lido 14 Chris Vilicich / Greg Dair 4 21 13 6 17 15 76.0
    14. USA 6300 Man Cave Lido 14 Steve Klotz / Andrew Klotz 9 7 14 24/OCS 15 9 78.0
    15. USA 3734 Blue Lido 14 Keith Ives / brooke jolly 13 22 10 18 11 11 85.0
    16. USA 1255 Orca Lido 14 Daniel Gilboa / Mike Shea 10 14 21 20 14 20 99.0
    17. USA 4537 4537 Lido 14 Stephen Mueller / Liz Perry 15 18 17 15 21 13 99.0
    18. USA 6297 Wassail Lido 14 Porter Killian / Jack Joslin 17 24/OCS 9 24/OCS 7 19 100.0
    19. USA 6277 Blue Phoenix Lido 14 Paul Makielski / Jacob Makielski 12 20 20 13 19 16 100.0
    20. USA 6337 LidoMosquito Lido 14 Charles Smith / Joanna Warren Smith 19 15 19 16 13 18 100.0
    21. USA 4310 Dodge This Lido 14 Grant Hill / Tyler Webster 21 4 22 24/OCS 22 10 103.0
    22. USA 2720 Nui Pilikia Lido 14 Terry Johnson / Scott Munch 20 16 18 10 23 17 104.0
    23. USA 4029 Click! Lido 14 Tracy Conn / Mark Stanifer 24/OCS 12 23 14 18 21 112.0
    Lido 14 Silver Fleet
    1. USA 4827 4827 Lido 14 Gabriel Ferramola / Melody Wong 1 3 1 8 4 2 19.0
    2. USA 5011 Perfect Match Lido 14 Bill Moore / Derick Buczynski 4 12 3 6 1 1 27.0
    3. USA 5086 Lanakila Lido 14 Jeff Merrill / Pam Merrill 5 4 2 1 11 8 31.0
    4. USA 4756 NEMO Lido 14 Kathryn Reed / Susan Lanoe 3 1 9 9 7 3 32.0
    5. USA 3579 Beazer Lido 14 Paul Button / Ian Button 6 6 10 4 5 4 35.0
    6. USA 4986 Taylor Renee Lido 14 Timothy Zimmermann / Dan Avina 13 2 6 5 6 10 42.0
    7. USA 2999 2999 Lido 14 Peter Beale / Lisa Baertein 9 8 7 7 9 5 45.0
    8. USA 3166 Flip - Flop Lido 14 Butch Michel / Julia Jaynes 8 11 5 10 8 12 54.0
    9. USA 6276 Psychotic Penguin Lido 14 Kim Adam / Daniel McBrearty 10 10 8 3 15 9 55.0
    10. USA 872 firefly Lido 14 Nathan Dalleska / Lindsay Mais 11 14 16 2 12 6 61.0
    11. USA 3547 Blitz Lido 14 Harold Ho / Maria Ho 7 13 11 14 2 14 61.0
    12. USA 4963 4963 Lido 14 Jim Drury / Bruce Wasson 18 17 13 11 3 13 75.0
    13. USA 6125 Luff & Laff Lido 14 Steve Cole / Melinda Howell 20 9 12 13 13 11 78.0
    14. USA 4511 Bandito Lido 14 David Foster / Mark Easterbrook 14 18 20 12 10 7 81.0
    15. USA 6171 Lido Shuffle Lido 14 John Williams / Sara Williams 2 16 15 16 18 15 82.0
    16. USA 3650 Homer Lido 14 Greg Boudreaux / Joe Ridenour 15 5 4 19 19 20 82.0
    17. USA 4141 None Lido 14 Tom Estlow / karmen estlow 12 7 14 18 20 16 87.0
    18. USA 4509 4509 Lido 14 Roger Hinton / Anne Hinton 17 15 17 15 17 18 99.0
    19. USA 5066 Superfandango Lido 14 Damon Kunkle / Jeff Ives 19 19 21 20 14 19 112.0
    20. USA 6157 Inigo Montoya Lido 14 Paul Ogier / Denise Ogier 16 20 18 17 21 21 113.0
    21. USA 4562 Lynndee Lido 14 Earl Thomas / Luke Rosener 21 21 19 21 16 17 115.0
    22. USA 5051 Shenanigans Too Lido 14 Tracey Kenney 23/DNC 23/DNC 23/DNC 23/DNC 23/DNC 23/DNC 138.0

by Rich Roberts


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1:24 AM Sun 3 Aug 2014GMT

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