Time is running out for Vestas Sailrocket's record attempt

Vestas SailRocket on 26/02/09 when Larsen did a 44.02 knot 500 metre run and a peak of around 46.

Latest news from the Vestas Sailrocket Team on Tuesday 14 April. The Sailrocket Team is attempting to break the record for the Outright Fastest in the world of speed sailing at Walvis Bay in Namibia.

'Once again a great looking forecast has evaporated away from us like a mirage. This morning when I checked out the forecast I was left feeling sick.

Our record period runs out on the 16th i.e. in a few days and what was set to be a great weather finale yesterday... has dropped away drastically today. We can extend to the 20th and of course we will do this. It means that we will be sailing at low tide and this means that the Nautical mile course will not be an option. It looks like that which seemed so easy has evaded us.

We haven't been very fortunate with the weather over the past two months. We have had a few good days mind you. The crash really hurt us in this respect as we were still 're-dialling' the boat in when the good days were here. Well she's dialled in now. We are all here and ready to roll at a moments notice... but... no joy. This is/was set to be the last-hurrah for this boat, it's final shot at the title.

Of course I can't leave it like this. There is a world record sitting inside its battle scarred structure and I want to see it realised. If we are denied this time then we will have to re-group somehow and move forward. I think of how far we have come and how close we are. All those hard yards cannot be left to waste.

For months I have had the vision of a record run foremost in my mind. I constantly cycle through all aspects of it from the many 'hats' I wear in this project. I think what it means to me personally, to the others around, to the future aspirations of the team/project etc. Well this mornings forecast was the point where the scales tipped to favour disappointment. Once again, there is nothing we can do but sit and wait for any option that might present itself. The forecast could swing the other way and we will remain 100% reactive until the last gasp.

Come on Walvis... get your breath back!!! '

Paul Larsen