This is what 50 knots looks like - 420 Australian Championships

Flying saucers from outer space came in to investigate, as well....
At a little after 1500hrs AEDT today, when Melbourne had already made its predicted top of 38˚C, the breeze swung hard left and jumped from a fresh 12-18knots and on to 40-45 knots before peaking with a massive 50 knot gust at around 1700hrs.

For the 420 Nationals being conducted out of the Sorrento Sailing and Couta Boat Club, it went just about as quickly from a no race just after the second start of the day to a scramble for shore. There was just enough time to capture these images before grabbing the first of three boats that we towed home. Some made it in under jib alone, but their tacking angles resembled those of a multihull, as they reached across the beach quickly, but with pretty poor VMG.

At any rate, this is what 50 knots can look like, except if you are at sea, when the waves will be significantly larger. So spare a thought for all those crews still racing to Hobart this Saturday night. See for all the results.

Hong Kong's Callum Gregor and Hugo Christensson certainly have a story to tell tonight.

Hard day at the office for all those after several attempts to right their craft.

Many that righted their capsized craft just watched roll over once more and then once more again....

Emerson Carlberg and Lachlan Gilmour join their colleagues in the drink.

A little bit like ten pin bowling it was....

All hands on deck to assist the young crews.

(50275) Charlotte Griffin with Kirsty Sturrock and (54375) Emerson Carlberg with Lachlan Gilmour.

Callum Gregor with Hugo Christensson trying to get in as far as possible before it really hit.

Still smiling despite it all - that's the spirit lad!