The new K3 International 14 - Proudly 'Made in Canada'

Rossi Milev on new K3 International 14 hull details
Chris Leigh
The Killing 3 International 14 or 'K3' is a new design from the drafting table of Canadian yacht designer Steve Killing. The boat that takes advantage of proven technology and best-in-class building techniques right here in canada. A great team of designers, builders and suppliers have collaborated to make the K3 a reality. Let's meet the designer Steve Killing and find out about the design before we hear from Rossi Milev about the build; this is not the first time these two collaborate on a successful project having worked on Canaan, the current Little America's Cup C-Class Catamaran defending champion.

We'll follow the team as they hope to complete construction and have the boat in the water in May.

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