The loss of a windsurfing legend

by EFPT 
André Paskowski a windsurfer legend dies. Today, the windsurfing scene lost a legend, after fighting against cancer for several years now and even though we knew this day would come, it is still hard to write these sad lines which makes this feel real.

Some might say the best go from us too early, the truth is André made his time on earth worth it.

Being a driving force within the European Freestyle Tour and battling himself up onto the podium and into first place two years in a row, he has certainly been a rider that others looked up to and admired. Besides pushing his level of freestyle windsurfing he also supported young riders from less privileged places and worked as their mentor on travels and in competition. Even at a quite young age he was a personality people looked up to. Yet being one of the best windsurfers worldwide wasn't enough for him, the footprints he would leave in this scene should be deeper.

Between 2008 and 2013 he passionately produced numerous webclips, short films and movies about windsurfing, the personalities of the sport and the beauty of traveling to the most amazing places of the world. Investing a lot of his own means, time and dedication, André created masterpieces that pushed windsurfing into the 21st century and that will remain his legacy.

He was a truly inspiring person and the impact he had on freestyle windsurfing was huge. He'll be remember as an amazingly strong person and as an example of what it means to be a real fighter.

The whole EFPT team sends out condolences to the family, André's girlfriend and his friends all over the planet.

You always were part of this tour: as a competitor and as a friend.

Rest in peace André, you won't ever be forgotten!