Thanks for your response to the Sail-World survey

The first Sail-World survey has now been completed. We received almost six hundred responses which makes it a 'statistically significant' survey. In other words, it provided a pretty fair guide on what additional content you'd most like to see.

Over 88% of our audience is now on broadband and within a few weeks we will begin delivery of larger images and audio and video content.

If you can think of questions you'd like us to ask in our next survey to see if other sailors share you desire for particular content, then please drop us a line, as that will help us us to prepare.

We will have an International Survey for readers from outside Australia shortly.

Today, we take the opportunity to formally welcome both Sailing Services and Marineconnect to our strong list of advertisers. Both of these companies have products and services of considerable interest to the Sail-World audience.

Here are stories about both of these groups.