TeamGaebler welcomes the Gulf States Ladies on board Team Extreme

Team Gaebler - Muscat/Oman
Team Gaebler
TeamGaebler - We rarely had so many nations on board with us. Young girls from Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE and Saudi Arabia visited us in preparing for the first Grand Prix of Extreme Sailing Series, which starts at 20 February in Muscat/Oman.

Nice to see that the next generation of the Gulf States comes together in such a great style and friendship. All our hope is on this Youngsters.

It is important that we bring the youth of all cultures, nations and religions together. And the best in sports. And even better when sailing, where you actively learn to be a team player.

Personally, I was very lucky several times to participate in the Olympics, where people from 200 countries meet each other. This is the only way to do it.

It's about more than just a sport. We need to bring the youth of the world together regularly, so they learn to live together and compete in great peace, fairness and friendship.

Let’s sail with next generation into a better future.

Executive Director presenting a token of appreciation from Garrard to Brandspot - 2013 Stena Match Cup Sweden