Summer fishing tips and a very Merry Christmas

Jarrod Day
The time is here and while we madly finish the last of the Christmas shopping and wrapping of presents, Santa is busy feeding up his reindeer and loading the sleigh for another big night of all thing jolly.

In the real world, the rest of us are no doubt loading the car full of all our camping and fishing gear ready to enjoy a few weeks of relaxation right around the country.

Of all, besides the big smiles and laughter from the littlies on Christmas morning, heading out for a fish without having to worry about going to work the following day will be certainly be a lot of fun.

On Facebook, I have already seen many posts from people currently away catching plenty of fish right around the country and while everyone is having a great old time, the team at FBW just wanted to say a very big thankyou to all our readers and we hope you all have an enjoyable break, Christmas and happy New Year.

We will be back in full bloom next week with plenty more feature articles to entertain you on a weekly basis.

This week, I took a look at a specific soft plastic that I have been flicking around these past few weeks for snapper. You may have seen a glimpse of them in recent features but all in all, this specific softie has become my new go to lure when flicking for reds.
Keitech product review
Jarrod Day

Please, when you have the chance while kicking back on your campsite relaxing and taking in the serenity, scroll down and take a look at some of the features that have been recently posted. There is a lot of jam packed information that you will find very interesting along with some changes to the boating/fishing industry.

Until next week,

Have a very happy Christmas and safe New Year.