Strong Sou-Wester for Race one of Land Rover Winter Series

Quest’s win today was an aberration says owner Bob Steel - Land Rover Winter Series 2014
Land Rover Winter Series 2014 - Competitors in Race one of the Land Rover Winter Series 2014, conducted by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, were given a treat – strong south westerly breeze which had yachts and spinnakers flying on Sydney Harbour.

'It was a lot of fun,' said Bob Steel, owner of Quest, winner of Division A1. 'There was a bit of breeze and we hung in there and got the job done.'

'Based on our handicap we set out to try and catch others in our division – Duende had 18 minutes on us and Swish had 13. Once we caught them, we focussed on making sure the others stayed behind us.

'We had good spinnaker runs and kept concentrating on what we were doing rather than where our competition was – we had a bit on,' Steel added laughing. 'You never win the first race of the season – today was an aberration – we’ll be back to normal next week.'

Swish (Steven Proud) placed second to Quest with Duende (Damien Parkes) third.

Race Officer Steve Kidson got the fleet of 103 away on time in a 23 knot sou’wester that gusted up to 27 knots shortly after the start. By 12.30pm, competitors were passing through the gate and the breeze had settled to 20 knots.

And what a difference a day makes weather wise. Yesterday’s rain cleared to provide a picture perfect sunny winter’s day with the mercury nudging 19C, but it would have felt colder given the wind chill factor.

Beneteaus relish in big breezes so it was no surprise that this design of yacht dominated the podium places today. In Division C, Ted Tooher’s Beneteau 47.7 Chancellor won from Morgan Rogers’ Beneteau 40.7 Wave Sweeper with Pacific Sailing School’s Salona 45 Zora third.

'It was a tough race,' Tooher said this afternoon. 'We had some lucky breaks. The breeze hit 25 knots at one stage and the boat just excelled. The breeze gave us an advantage and we elected not to use our spinnaker – just the main, jib and one reef.

'We are using the Winter Series to break in new crew and develop them for the Land Rover Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race – today was a great test.'

Tooher was also the lucky winner of the Range Rover Evoque weekly drive. 'It’s a great feeling,' he added.

Wave Sweeper’s Morgan Rogers was also another not to fly a spinnaker. 'We had a fair bit of separation from our divisional competitors at the start. It was nice to get out in a good breeze.

'We had to ensure we sailed the right course as everyone was following us. Some of the boats caught us on the second leg heading towards the Shark Island mark, but there was enough breeze to stay ahead of the crowd.

'We blew a baton on the number three sail which made it difficult to control the boat. We made sure we kept the boat in one piece so that we can compete in the rest of the series,' Rogers added.

Holy Cow got moving in today's breeze. - Land Rover Winter Series 2014

The colourful crew onboard John and Kim Clinton’s Beneteau Oceanis 50 Holy Cow! were crowned Division J1 winners from Hanni (Mike Champion) and Marloo (George Girdis).

'The conditions were perfect for our boat today – we’re big and heavy with our cruising set-up. The two coffee machines, fridge and freezer weigh us down and make us the slowest boat out there,' Kim Clinton said.

'We’ve made up for our appalling start to the season (where we finished last in the Ladies Day race) but it is the wrong end of the season for this (win) to happen. There was some discussion this morning as to whether we should put a reef in the mainsail or not and I managed to convince John that it was a good idea because we definitely needed it.

'It was just beautiful in the sun. We were in a good position from the start and didn’t lose the breeze all day. We had clear air which was a bonus and there was lots of reaching. The grinders worked hard – we had to swap them halfway through and Shonie (the Clintons dog) slept through the whole thing!,' Kim added.

Glenn Crane’s Dufour 40 Lahara II, winner of Division J2, was the lucky recipient of the Noakes Group Lift and Stand Package.

Other divisional winners today were: Division A2 - Kirribilli (Andrew Chapman); Division B – Outlaw (Alan and Tom Quick); Division D – Soundtrack (John Amos); Division E – Bandit (Kevin and Warwick Nixon); Division F – Mortgage Choice Rhumba (Burke, Carr and Cook); Division G – Itchy (Will Northam and Jamie Watson); Division K – Gusto (Phillip Denison)

The Land Rover Winter Series pointscore continues next Sunday, 11 May. Block entries for the season will be accepted up until 12 noon, Thursday 25 May with casual entries being accepted throughout the season.

ResultsDivision 1 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivA1152002QUESTBob Steel1.36983801:32:3413:40:341.0 
DivA12226SWISHSteven Proud1.22852501:47:3313:42:332.0 
DivA13ESP6100DUENDEDamien Parkes1.18562001:53:3713:43:373.0 
DivA1410000BRINDABELLAJim Cooney1.44144301:32:0013:45:004.0 
DivA1543218VAMPDavid Fuller1.29033101:45:2113:46:215.0 
DivA16AUS5299VICTOIREDarryl Hodgkinson1.33383501:42:0513:47:056.0 
DivA176953WOT EVA - SWDDavid Pescud1.30743201:48:0413:50:047.0 
DivA186111NEVER A DULL MOMENTCol & Denise Wilson1.20362202:02:5213:54:528.0 
DivA1DNC6377VANGUARDRichard Cawse1.433743  13.0 
DivA1DNCAUS03SOUTHERNEXCELLENCEIIAndrew Wenham1.465045  13.0 
DivA1RET884AFTERSHOCKMichael Hill1.381439  11.0 
DivA1RETSYD222YOU'RE HIREDStuart Dart1.461645  11.0 
Division 2 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivA2199991KIRRIBILLIAndrew Chapman1.16122801:56:3713:54:371.0 
DivA228008OCC.COARSELANGUAGE 2Warwick Sherman1.18593001:55:3413:55:342.0 
DivA23AUS6606STHILLIERS QUESTTim Casey1.19723201:53:5813:55:583.0 
DivA2433345BLACK SHEEPDerek & Martin Shepp1.11242202:04:0113:56:014.0 
DivA2500400VENTOWalter Lewin1.22183401:52:5413:56:545.0 
DivA26248WAX LYRICALLes Goodridge1.09662002:07:3213:57:326.0 
DivA278975LAST TANGOPhillip King1.12682402:03:4213:57:427.0 
DivA2DNC007EDAKEJeff Carter1.147426   Yes
DivA2DNC7771BALANCEPaul Clitheroe1.127824  11.0 
DivA2DNC8402MORE WITCHCRAFTJohn Cameron1.111022  11.0 
DivA2DNC65007ELENA NOVAAndrew Pearson1.199832  11.0 
Division 3 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivB1040OUTLAWAlan & Tom Quick1.08042001:51:3713:41:371.0 
DivB25271NOCTURNEGerard Kesby1.09162101:50:5313:41:532.0 
DivB36808FLYING CLOUDHoward Piggott1.08482001:52:1213:42:123.0 
DivB46081NEXTRichard Holstein1.07371901:53:2413:42:244.0 
DivB56774JACKPOTAdrian Van Bellen1.07962001:54:1213:44:125.0 
DivB67027THE GOATBruce Foye1.08702101:56:1513:47:156.0 
DivB76841PAPILLONPhil Molony1.04231502:02:4713:47:477.0 
DivB86935L'ALTRA DONNAAndy Kearnan1.06681802:02:0413:50:048.0 
DivB9RQ1123RUM JUNGLEScott Russell1.05761702:04:0413:51:049.0 
DivB103838ZENBrad Payten1.08872102:00:2613:51:26 Yes
DivB116755CALIBAN IIIan Creak1.04781602:05:4313:51:43 Yes
DivB12A140ARIELRon Forster1.02861302:09:5013:52:5010.0 
DivB136492UNDERCLIFFE PS WLD1Larki Missiris1.07511902:05:1213:54:1211.0 
DivBDNC3060THIRLMERES. Warneford L Jamie1.086921  14.0 
DivBDNC7777CALIBREG Bonus R Williams1.070819  14.0 
Division 4 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivC18824CHANCELLOREdward Tooher1.03142201:58:3013:50:301.0 
DivC27407WAVE SWEEPERMorgan Rogers0.97821502:06:5213:51:522.0 
DivC38975AZORAPacificsailing Schoo0.98601602:06:2613:52:263.0 
DivC4KA400SCARLETT O'HARARobert Skol1.01252002:02:3613:52:364.0 
DivC5415ARCH RIVALSteve Connors1.04742402:01:0713:55:075.0 
DivC65930REVEKevin Whelan1.01492002:05:2213:55:226.0 
DivC789INTO THE MYSTICArthur Psaltis Jon R1.00471902:07:3713:56:377.0 
DivC88412CYRENE 3Michael Selby1.08502901:59:5613:58:56 Yes
DivC94970AKELAAlan Mather1.00121802:11:0413:59:048.0 
DivCDNC2001QUETZALCOATLAntony Sweetapple1.039123  12.0 
DivCDNC4343WILD ROSERoger Hickman1.047024  12.0 
DivCDNC6360INTEGRITYAndrew Stoeckel1.023421  12.0 
Division 5 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivD15273SOUNDTRACKJohn Amos0.97531102:01:0313:42:031.0 
DivD25935ALPHA CARINAEDamian Barker1.00901601:57:0113:43:012.0 
DivD3700SOMMERBREEZEHans Sommer0.98961302:01:2413:44:243.0 
DivD4B347SPEEDWELLColin Geeves0.99531402:01:3313:45:334.0 
DivD58063EYE APPEALJ Markos M Delaney1.02801901:57:0213:46:025.0 
DivD67100MSteve Hatch1.04722101:55:2313:46:236.0 
DivD78035ONE MORE-NO MOREIan Guanaria1.04772201:56:5413:48:547.0 
DivD88675ASTRALAndrew Butler1.01521702:08:4513:55:458.0 
DivDDNC5164PENDRAGONAndrew Cochrane0.989113  16.0 
DivDDNC5826SALTSHAKERPeter Franki1.056523  16.0 
DivDDNC6332RAZORS EDGERay Stone1.008416  16.0 
DivDDNC6609AMANTEDennis Cooper1.047622  16.0 
DivDDNC6683CROSSHAVENJ Pelly & S Rahilly1.034120  16.0 
DivDDNC8832LARRIKINRoss Glasson Richard0.966410  16.0 
DivDDNC9109VAMOSTim Ryan1.036220  16.0 
Division 6 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivE1AUS717BANDITKevin/ Warwick Nixon0.99391101:42:2513:23:251.0 
DivE2NZL9242ORBITMatthew Brown1.11482701:40:1113:37:112.0 
DivE39997SKEETERMatthew Fisher1.06982201:48:1713:40:173.0 
DivE44377CLEWLESS?Lachlan Irwin0.9578502:05:4113:40:414.0 
DivE53020HICK-UPBill Ure0.9714702:06:3813:43:385.0 
DivE66166SWEET CHARRIOTRalph And Jen Picker0.9666702:12:2913:49:296.0 
DivEDNC105CONQUISTADORNorman Rydge1.116027   Yes
DivEDNC6311ZIPPIERAndrew Waugh1.115127  17.0 
DivEDNC6448CARATS N KILOSJohn Santifort0.96967  17.0 
DivEDNC6544JETJustin Graham1.034517  17.0 
DivEDNC6928MENAGE A TROISKarl Matiszik0.985010  17.0 
DivEDNC8383KRAKATOADon Young1.009913  17.0 
DivEDNCAUS82TIGGERRobert Breit1.021215  17.0 
DivEDNCAUS7151OPTIMUMRichard Brasher1.060720  17.0 
DivERET621DEVILS LAIRBarry Crook1.001512  10.0 
DivERET6890ADELADavid Lamond1.057720  10.0 
DivERETAUS160CRUSADERJonathan Green1.057920  10.0 
Division 7 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivF16232MORTGAGECHOICE RUMBAR Carr S Cook & K Bu0.97551301:46:0013:29:001.0 
DivF23724SALONAPacificsailing Schoo0.9261601:53:2713:29:272.0 
DivF34896L'EAU CO.Grant Pollock0.9188501:59:1413:34:143.0 
DivF45436SINEWAVEGreg Mason Barb Maun0.95471001:55:0913:35:094.0 
DivF5544OUT OF SIGHTMatt Wilkinson0.96721201:53:2013:35:205.0 
DivF65861OUTLANDISHSean Barrett0.95121001:57:5813:37:586.0 
DivF79201SELKIEAnthony Booth0.9253602:03:1013:39:107.0 
DivF8SM74PERFECT MATCHJosh McKean0.96811201:59:2613:41:268.0 
DivF9F8QUATTROJason Daisley0.9197502:08:2013:43:209.0 
DivF10920LADY BUGErin Mander0.9371802:13:5713:51:5710.0 
DivFDNC11DEFIANCENicole Shrimpton0.966312  13.0 
DivFDNC8484WINDFLYTDouglas Sturrock0.951310  13.0 
Division 8 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivG1AUS1337ITCHYWill Northam Jamie W0.92172501:47:4013:42:401.0 
DivG2YC868VELOCITYBrian Carrick0.87761802:00:4213:48:422.0 
DivG36657PANTOMIME IVMichael Kelly0.7900002:19:3713:49:373.0 
DivG4404HORNBLOWERSteve Sweeney0.7927102:27:4313:58:434.0 
DivG52153FICTIONMichael Blaxell0.84501102:22:2014:03:205.0 
DivG62125SEA RUG HOO HAPeter Howes0.8002202:38:4214:10:426.0 
DivGDNC5139KATINKAPaul Oconnell0.82918  14.0 
DivGDNCKA17WALLOPBryan Collis Stephen0.902622  14.0 
DivGDNCN1NOAKES WHITEPeter Langman0.849812  14.0 
DivGDNCN2NOAKES REDSean Langman0.872016  14.0 
DivGDNCN3NOAKES BLUEJosh Alexander0.849812  14.0 
DivGRET3966MARIGOT BAYMerryl Semple0.865115  9.0 
DivGRET5719DOUBLE DUTCHPhil Tanner0.899421  9.0 
Division 9 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivJ116797HOLY COW!John & Kim Clinton0.91371001:43:0413:23:041.0 
DivJ126937HANNIMike Champion1.03102601:34:5813:30:582.0 
DivJ134715MARLOOGeorge Girdis1.04902801:35:5013:33:503.0 
DivJ148455EUROPADavid Mason1.04342701:37:5813:34:584.0 
DivJ157878SAILORS WITH DISABILDavid Leslie1.13313601:29:5513:35:555.0 
DivJ166563L'ATTITUDEHunt/Short /Bastick1.01622401:42:0113:36:016.0 
DivJ17C1ARGO BLUERichard Snow0.97001801:48:0713:36:077.0 
DivJ186223TRIMShaaron Walsh1.01912401:42:4013:36:408.0 
DivJ191961IN CAHOOTSPat & Roberta Easton1.00742301:45:3513:38:359.0 
DivJ1106608ELUSIVEP Billingham P Mcgee1.05672901:40:1013:39:1010.0 
DivJ111331SILVER MINXGeoff & Vicki Player1.00172201:47:5013:39:5011.0 
DivJ1DNC6226SANTE'Rob &Sue Segaert0.980019  14.0 
DivJ1RET9999ASSASSINPhil Cutts1.115035  13.0 
Division 10 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivJ216501LAHARA IIGlenn Crane0.99411601:37:3313:23:331.0 
DivJ229242SEXTANTDenis Doyle1.01131801:40:4313:28:432.0 
DivJ236652BALTIC LADYNiel Burling0.96291201:51:2213:33:223.0 
DivJ24129VIVAKen Hudson0.95391101:53:2513:34:254.0 
DivJ2DNC4000SAGACIOUSVDavid Hundt0.975014  11.0 
DivJ2DNC6959SOLEARESSebastian Bohm0.93078  11.0 
DivJ2OCS7006LORELEIMatthew Farr0.93368  9.0 
DivJ2RET7035BRIGUSTerry & E Burke0.979414  9.0 
DivJ2RET7046INKONKONIArthur Lane0.91135  9.0 
DivJ2RET69200NEMESISJeffery Taylor0.91686  9.0 
Division 11 PHSTcf results Start : 11:30
ClassPlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperAHCOffSetElapsdFin TimScoreVis
DivK13976GUSTOPhillip Denison0.82711301:52:3813:35:381.0 
DivK2508STORMY PETRELKevin O\'Shea0.91302601:42:0013:38:002.0 
DivK36990GREAT WHITEAnn / Bob Penty0.90822501:45:3613:40:363.0 
DivK41008STAR FERRYJohn Conroy0.94583001:41:5613:41:564.0 
DivKDNC193SYONARAGreg Maughan0.867019  13.0 
DivKDNC4582PRIVATEERBill Mirow0.861618  13.0 
DivKDNC5106ANNAGeorge Sirett0.7355-4  13.0 
DivKDNC6593LU LU BELLEPeter Lewis0.831413  13.0 
DivKDNC6726HECTORAndrew Hawkins0.890023  13.0 
DivKDNC6739HUBCAPIIHerman Heiligers0.863619   Yes
DivKDNC6809APPLEJACKDerek McDonnell0.75860  13.0 
DivKDNC8420JUBLILEEIan Arthy0.78235  13.0 
DivKDNCB331BROULEEKaren Hawkett0.846516  13.0