Solo sailor record-breakers link up to Save Our Seas

Bruce Arms on his Big Wave Rider
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In July this year Mooloolaba-based Bruce Arms, Jessica Watson's manager for her successful circumnavigation, will embark on a mission to be the first person to sail a multihull solo, nonstop and unassisted around Australia in a record-breaking 35 days.

Now he has announced a new liaison. The record he is trying to break is that of solo sailor Ian Thomson who circumnavigated Australia last year going for a similar record. His reason for doing so was creating awareness of the damage that plastics are doing to our oceans, as a part of Save Our Seas, an organisation with those goals. Now Bruce Arms has joined Save Our Seas, and will be working with Ian to continue raising awareness of this issue.

Ian himself made the announcement. ‘Today, we are pleased to announce that joining the Save Our Seas Ocean Racing team is Bruce Arms, the winner of the last two solo Trans Tasman yacht races,’ he said. ‘I’m so pleased to be able to work with Bruce on this project and whilst he is out to break my own world record, if the message continues to get out to the masses, then I will support him 100%’

Bruce Arms will be setting off in early July from Mooloolaba onboard his 14m Catamaran ‘Big Wave Rider’ His record will be the first attempt to circumnavigate Australia on a multihull and he endeavours to get around the country within the announced 35 days.

Bruce said he was pleased to be able to join forces with SOS Ocean Racing to help raise awareness of the organisation and the message they are promoting to ensure our oceans remain safe for all marine and wildlife.

'On Jessica’s voyage she too noted the amount of rubbish in the ocean and was disgusted by it. Most people don’t know the scale of this issue and I am happy to play my part in raising awareness and educating people as I try and break Ian’s record and set a solo non-stop unassisted multihull record,’ Bruce said.

Save Our Seas Ocean Racing is a division of Save Our Seas International. Their mission is to create awareness, promote alternatives and take action against plastic pollution in our oceans. They have developed an education program which has just finished its trial run in 28 primary schools across the nation with a fantastic response from teachers and students. This program is available for anyone to download direct from the SOS International website.

Ian's existing record is 42 days, five hours, 31 minutes and 55 seconds, recorded on June 16, 2010. Bruce intends to break this record and set a multihull record, which will be registered with the World Record Speed Sailing Council (WRSSC).

While Bruce is looking forward to the challenge, the seasoned sailor understands the risks are very real.

'It is a huge challenge, mostly because of all the islands and reefs in the way along mainland Australia,' Mr Arms said.

'I have to stay awake and remain very alert when passing through areas with a high concentration of reefs; on a fast multihull they can approach very quickly, so navigation has to be precise,' he said.

'I’m very confident I can do it; my experience and knowledge of various sailing environments stands me in good stead as I take on this challenge. I’ve got a great support team and I am using the best equipment available so I have covered all the bases required to ensure I can achieve this goal.'

For more information about the solo adventure go to Bruce Arms'!website.