Sojana in turnover win at Superyacht Cup

Sojana wins Superyacht Cup in Antigua -
The third and final race of the Superyacht Cup in Antigua proved to be the closest sailing so far, with all the yachts finishing within 10 minutes.

That may not sound close for some yacht racing, but with a fleet varying in size from 29m to over 44m and a range of displacements of over 180 tonnes, close racing would normally be hard to achieve.

However, after two races, the estimated times around the course provided an accurate assessment for the start times and the yachts were able to chase one another around the course.

Starting 25 minutes after the first boat, Yanneke Too, Sojana managed to sail through the fleet, finally overtaking Timoneer within two minutes of the finish. The wind was still blowing hard at 25 - 30 knots, and with big seas the close racing was all the more exciting and gave the photographers an opportunity to get some excellent shots.

At the last mark off Curtain Bluff, Sojana was still in last place tacking round the mark just after the Swan, Virago. Both boats were well sailed, quickly hardening up at the mark to start the last windward leg. Sojana was forced to tack off for clean air and soon started to make her gains on the whole fleet.

The big, heavy ketches Timoneer and Yanneke Too headed out to sea on long tacks, whereas Sojana sailed up the middle of the course benefiting from any wind shifts and wind speed variations.

Timoneer made her final approach to the line from a long way out to sea but could not quite lay the pin end of the line, giving Sojana the opportunity to sail right past her and straight over the line. By the 'triple point rating' for the last race, Sojana managed to win The Superyacht Cup Antigua 2007 by just 0.3 points.

Overall: 1st Sojana, 2nd Timoneer, 3rd Patient Falcon