Sellers take the 2014 Tornado Nationals at Tauranga

Jason in close finish - 2014 Tornado Nationals, Tauranga
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The 2014 Tornado Nationals started with a couple of tune up races on Friday afternoon.

We had three crews attend from out of town, to compete against a strong fleet of seven boats from TYPBC. Saturday dawned and racing got away on time with light to moderate SSW breezes.

Former Olympic champion Rex Sellers and his son Brett showed their class early on, and won most of the races over the weekend. Even more impressive for the fact that Brett was still recovering from food posioning, and Rex from a leg injury. There were some crediable performances from some of the local crews at various stages of the regatta, and only one protest which meant that the officials weren't too taxed.

On the Sunday racing was delayed a while until the sea breeze started to fill in, once again the Sellers team were the form crew. Light winds meant that there weren't any spectacular capsizes, but there was plenty of good racing. From my view on the patrol it was pleasing to see some of the weaker teams improve their crew work over the course of the weekend.

Warren Belk and Gary Smith ran a great regatta for the sailors and a special thanks to them. Also a thank you to the helpers: Roger and Rose Clark, Megan and Colin Harris, Dennis Webster and Stephen Benner.

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Sellers in action - 2014 Tornado Nationals, Tauranga
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Just Cruisin - 2014 Tornado Nationals, Tauranga
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Bill Caunce that leading smile. - 2014 Tornado Nationals, Tauranga
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