Second edition RYA Navigation Handbook in print and digital versions

RYA Navigation Handbook second edition
The top selling RYA Navigation Handbook which was first issued as a print title in 2005 has now been revised and updated as a second edition with both print and digital versions available to purchase.

Essential reading for anyone taking to the water and looking for the complete guide to navigation, both print and digital versions have been designed to provide the reader with a sound understanding of the principals of navigation as well as providing insight into the ways in which electronic navigation can be used to best effect, including extended chapter summaries and additional animations.

'Development of this title as an eBook has enabled incorporation of video, animations and expanding upon the chapter summaries will help explain the topic in more detail and really bring the information to life for our readers, which should help reinforce their understanding,' commented Stephen Vittles, RYA e-Content Editor.

'We have also included touch screen technology which helps magnify some of our illustrations, allowing people to see them in more detail. The bookmarking and note taking facilities also help readers to quickly reference all the information they need at the touch of a button', Stephen added.

Navigation techniques and practices have changed dramatically over the years and today, many sailors and motor boaters regard electronic instruments as their principal means of navigation. However, traditional methods still have an important part to play, as does knowledge of aspects such as tides, lights, buoys and beacons. The RYA Navigation Handbook, written by Tim Bartlett, one of the country’s leading experts on navigation, offers a comprehensive guide to both electronic and traditional forms of navigation and officially supports the RYA’s navigation courses, providing RYA Day Skippers and RYA Yachtmaster students with essential navigation knowledge.

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