Seawind Charter Boat Investments

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Seawind Regatta Pittwater 2008, Sydney (AUS) - 18/10/08

Have you every dreamt of owning your own Seawind to go cruising in exotic locations but you are still working and have a few years to until you can cast off. Perhaps you should consider purchasing a Seawind Charter boat and enjoy a professionally managed and maintained Seawind that becomes an ‘Income Producing Asset’ providing a healthy return.

There are charter fleets in Australia’s beautiful Whitsundays and the Caribbean’s British Virgin Islands eagerly awaiting their next Seawind. To learn more, join our no-obligation Webinar, with guest speaker Mark O’Donaghue from Finlease and questions answered by charter fleet operators. Register below:

Tuesday 21 October – 1pm (AUS – EST) -

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