Sean's 29.5 footer, Sail-World news

We’ve been advised that Sean Langman’s entry for the 2006 Rolex Sydney to Hobart is not a 28 footer, she is actually 29.5 feet (9.01 metres) so she meets the waterline criteria it seems. We were speculating where the TV crew would fit, the answer predictable really, is that one of the six crew is an ABC cameraman making the documentary!!

Sail-World will be reporting from a cold and rainy Melbourne for the start of the Melbourne to Vanuatu race this weekend. No wonder they all want to go to the Whitsundays!

An update on the Doyle Sails Australia loft, post Dimension Polyant D4 purchase.

The Kiwis are happy winning LV Act 12. A mere 627 million people watched an update on Team China.

The story about the 25 million dollar law suit after Kiwi Barbara Kendall’s windsurfer was involved in a collision, is sending shivers down the spines of Yachting Authorities everywhere.

Yachts that go bump in the night provides some do’s and do not's about anchoring.

Welcome to our new advertisers on Sail-World this week - the Royal Yachting Association and Steve Bond’s Ozi Opti.

The RYA is working closely with some of the largest sailing schools in Australia, providing internationally recognised training programs. Their Aussie launch is only a couple of weeks away. More at

Ozi Opti is developing extremely interesting and innovating kids sailing programs and Clubs around Australia would do well to talk to 'Bondy', because kids are the future of sailing. We will be running a feature story in the next few weeks and will be adding a whole Kids section to our site.

Remember if your company is advertising in the marine area the audience has been moving online at an amazing rate. Make sure your marketing team has looked at

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