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Dear respondent to our survey,

‘2011 Around Australia Ocean Race’ and ‘2011-2012 Around Australia Rally’ for Cruisers’.

Our recent on-line survey was a great success. Over 550 people participated from around Australia and many from around the world providing excellent feedback and firm preferences for the event format.
Famous Cape Leeuwin - 2011 Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally for Cruisers
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We thank you for your participation. Yours and all other responses and comments have been analysed and the majority preferences are now reflected in a ‘Provisional Notice of Race’ outlining the key features of the events and an ‘Event Slot Reservation Form’ now available on

There is a limit on the number of entries in each event. If you are a boat owner, or are planning to build or purchase a boat for the race or rally please reserve your slot now and secure your entry. If you are a boat crew member please encourage your boat owner to reserve a slot!
Cape York Region - 2011 Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally for Cruisers

We welcome participants from outside Australia. You can choose a preferred port on the coastline of Australia from which to start and finish your circumnavigation. We will provide you assistance with local formalities and logistics.

Consultation with owners who register and reserve a slot in their event of choice will be an ongoing process as we work towards the final event features over the next 24 or so months.

We welcome questions and feedback and look forward to seeing you at the start-line.


Bob Williams


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Darwin in the Tropics - 2011 Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally for Cruisers