Sail-World USA - 1 April 2009

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Welcome to Sail-World.Com's USA newsletter for 1 April 2009.

There's plenty of news from the international sailing scene in this issue.

In Rio de Janeiro, it is all action as the shore crews race to turn the yachts around ahead of Saturday's In-Port race. Coming off the back of a longer than expected Leg 5, the next leg starts in 10 days. the US entry PUMA Racing is now in second overall - 10.5pts behind Ericsson 4 and 2.5pts ahead of Telefonica Blue, which finished 5th on Leg 5.

To close that gap, Telefonica Blue has lodged a redress claim over her grounding and subsequent events at the start of Leg 5 in Qingdao, China. We have the details and explanation of that issue,!here.

Meanwhile the early arrivals in Rio de Janeiro - having done Leg 5 as deck cargo - are out training together,and the leg to Boston should see seven starters.

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Catch the long interview with!Geoff_Stagg, one of the icons of the New Zealand sailing scene who headed for the USA in 1981 to start a long business relationship with two other Kiwis, Bruce Farr and Russell Bowler. In this interview with!Jim_Bolland Geoff Stagg looks back on the last 30 years and what lies ahead in the next decade. Geoff doesn't know how to pull his punches - and this interview is in that same inimitable style.

Oh, and despite what you might read elsewhere, there was No Decision on the America's Cup Appeal this morning. Maybe Friday.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
US Editor

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