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2013 Millennium Cup - Day 2, Waitemata Harbour, Auckland
Welcome to's New Zealand newsletter for February 16, 2013

In the JJ Giltinan Trophy for 18ft skiffs, the unofficial World Championship for the class, a New Zealand 18ft skiff crew narrowly avoided serious injury today, after being run down on Sydney harbour by a former America's Cup 12 Metre, Steak n Kidney. A second 18fter, Southern Cross, was not so fortunate and was written off in the same incident, which occurred before the start of the first race.

We have a report in this edition of's newsletter.

The opening day of the JJ Giltinan Trophy came as wake-up call to the New Zealand team. Several had their moments, but they were dealt to by the Sydney harbour traffic, despite the racing being scheduled for later in the day to let the worst of the spectator and commercial traffic pass through.

We have full coverage of the lead up and first day of the 18ft event, which has only been won by four New Zealand skippers since its inception in 1937.

First spinnaker run - Race 1 JJ Giltinan Trophy

Having its premiere today, is the first video of Oracle Team USA foiling with stability. Seems like the US Defender has mastered the art of foiling the AC72 after 17 days of sailing, and most of the foibles previously demonstrated by USA-17 seem to have been resolved. Much as you can tell of a video or pictures.

But how close they are to Emirates Team NZ and Luna Rossa, remains to be seen. Trying to work out how two boats are performing, relative to each other, when they are 5,600nm and a Pacific Ocean apart, is near impossible - and the outcome won't really be known until August or September this year.

Emirates Team New Zealand, NZL5 takes to the air again on its second day sailing in Auckland.

The Centrepoint International Youth Match Racing Regatta is currently underway in Wellington. After the third day, Australian crews lead - we have daily reports and images in this edition of's newsletter, and will continue to update for the duration of the event.

In this edition we are announcing the availability of a Sail-World toolbar for your web browser.

Based on a similar toolbar by Alexa (the independent website rating agency), the Sail-World toolbar is a great addition to your web experience. For those who are challenged by the web it should make life easier, as you can access many functions with just one mouse click.

Champagne sailing conditions - 2013 CentrePort International Youth Match Racing Championship

You will also have ready made home button, which will take you back to Sail-World's home page, where you can check the news, if you wish before heading out into the Interweb. It is amazing how often we click this home button to 'centre' our browser, when we are running with many open windows and tabs. This is a quick way to get back to a central point. You can also check the ranking of any website you visit, including maybe your own, or your companies.

Events Clothing crew prepare their skiff for JJ Giltinan championship
If you have an interest in a website and how it rates, this is an essential tool. Check how your site rates in the Interweb world compared to others of a similar type and audience. If you are in business, then how your site rates is of vital importance, as is the trend on your sites popularity with visitors - check how you rate compared to your competitors. Do they have the jump on you? Are you getting the traffic your own stats indicate? What is the trend?

There is a lot of other functionality in the toolbar, which will enable you to stay on top of the torrent of sailing information and stories that abound on the sailing Interweb.

We have included step by step installation instructions, and like all toolbars they are easily turned on and off, if you wish.

The whole process just takes a few seconds.....

Over to you.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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Hugh Stewart from Yamaha Motor NZ services the four 300Hp outboards on the Emirates Team New Zealand chase boat.
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