Sail Canada Youth Championships at CORK International - Day 1

Sail Canada Youth Championships at CORK International
2014 Sail Canada Youth Championship - The Sail Canada Youth Championships at CORK International kicked off today in Kingston! Portsmouth Olympic Harbour is hopping with 413 sailors and 280 boats taking part, supported by over 70 coaches.

Day one of racing brought light air and sunny skies. All fleets were on the water for a start time of 12 noon with winds South East five – ten knots. The wind dropped as the afternoon continued with all fleets being sent in just before 4pm.

The Laser and 4.7 fleets saw the most action with two races each, the Radial, 420 and 29er fleets had one race each.

Racing continues Tuesday with three races scheduled for all fleets, except the 29ers who have four scheduled. Large numbers in the Radial and 420 fleets will require a two day qualifying series, followed by a two day final series for each.

Sail Canada Development Coach Chris Cook will be on the water and delivering sailor debriefs at the end of each day, providing a great opportunity for sailor and coach development throughout the event.

Stay tuned throughout the week!

 Sail Canada Youth Championships at CORK International Complete Results: Laser Class
1st 203918Forrest WachholzCANCANCANFW31.
2nd 196087Ross MurdochCANCAN
3rd 206606Luke RuitenbergCANCANCANLR83.
4th 206171Max GallantCANCANCANMG282.
5th 184429arthur daignaultCANCAN
6th 204237Nick SmithCANCANCANNS125.
7th 104641Jack BruceCANCANCANJB457.
8th 193292Levi HarperCANCANCANLH99.
9th 185936Kyle GerrardCANCANCANKGER113.
10th 193371Nicolas St-OngeCANCAN
11th 190286Braden GarveyCANCANCANBG1312.
12th 131414Adam GilliesCANCANCANAG2219.
13th 198324Mitchell BanfordCANCANCANMB3912.0 10%
14th 182819Gordon StevensCANCAN
15th 185886Peter BrickellCANCAN
16th 197125Nicholas JovanovicCANCANCANNJ318.
17th 187840Quinton GallonCANCAN
18th 177038Jake DaggerCANCANCANJD2415.
19th 177119Alex SpearsCANCAN
20th 194538Mark RonkinCANCANCANMR1420.
21st 41411Tyrus SherkCANCANCANTS2322.
22nd 166980Christian SrutwaCANCANCANCS3521.023.0 UFD44.044.0
29R Class
1st2189ROYAL ST-LAWRENstephane vinet Sophie-Andree vinet CAN1.01.01.0
2nd1439KYCChristina BlackCANCB23Naomi Flanagancanf2CAN2.02.02.0
3rd453RCYCSpencer PowellCANSP10Jordan SpearsCANJS33CAN3.03.03.0
4th1260 henry lockyer Riley Morash CAN4.04.04.0
5th1420RNSYSRyan SmithCANRS22Owen DunkleyCANOD3CAN5.05.05.0
6th246BHYCAlex KoschateCANAK16Reece Pillinger CAN6.06.06.0
7th1461RCYCJoshua YaleCANJY5Michael LynchCANML24CAN7.07.07.0
8th859NYCAlex KruczkowskiCANAK22Louis Riel-Brockie CAN8.08.08.0
9th813RHYCCraig HamiltonCANJT10Jack TrimCANJT10CAN9.09.09.0
10th1414RCYCIan DonaldsonCANID6Aaron StrahleCANAS24CAN10.010.010.0
11th1432SLYCShaughnessy Cudmore-Keating Robin Moffitt CAN11.011.011.0
12th1800ABYCSamuel BoninCANSB32Chloe Carr CAN12.012.012.0
13thMBRLWYCHunter KristjanssonCANHK7Nathan KrovatsCANNK9CAN13.013.013.0
14th93LAKE OF BAYS SCCharles ShieldsXXXXXmaddi martinsxxxxxxxCAN14.014.014.0
15th1458ABYCRowland GoddardCANRG17Thomas Kidd CAN15.015.015.0
16th858LAKE OF BAYS SCJack Shields bradley shostackxxxxxCAN16.016.016.0
17th74LBSCLiam Elia Scott Thompson CAN17.017.017.0
18th1425SLYCMichael Wootton Holly Somerville CAN18.018.018.0
19th659CBYCNathan ColburnCANNC12Cameron Colburn CAN19.019.019.0
20th292SLYCTom ChittickGBRTC69Avery Smith GBR20.020.020.0
21st73LBSCJames Hare Grant Swedak CAN21.021.021.0
22nd258KYCJill Eisener Alek vagnersCANAvAg1CAN24.0 DNC24.024.0
22nd826 Sarah Furyk Christopher Parker CAN24.0 DNC24.024.0
Laser 4.7 Class
1st 203641Alannah PetersCANCANCANAPET11.
2nd 155327Rachel HolickUSAUSAUSARH1482.
3rd 170702Henryk LuczynskiCANCANCANHL53.
4th 111111Seth rizikaUSAUSAXXXXX7.
5th 196044Kelsey SlackUSAUSAUSAKS1205.
6th 200197leo royCANCANCANLR94.
7th 194575Coleen RossUSAUSAUSACR746.
8th 2000548Louis-Philippe RobichaudCANCAN

420 Class
Yellow6384Annie DysartCANAD19Alison Sears CAN1.01.01.0
Blue6412Terra Carling Lanteigne Alyson (Sebby) Turner CAN1.01.01.0
Blue0032Georgia Lewin-LaFranceCANGL13Kyla MacLennan CAN2.02.02.0
Yellow6350Patrick Wilson Arie Moffat CAN2.02.02.0
Blue6034Jessica Lietz Heidi Timmons CAN3.03.03.0
Yellow7536Thomas Cote Vincent Nalecz CAN3.03.03.0
Blue7213Philip Comber Justin Davies CAN4.04.04.0
Yellow6875John LawlessUSAJJ118Brian Baker USA4.04.04.0
Yellow7115Eleanor Hawkins Georgia Stein CAN5.05.05.0
Blue898Samuel Smith Abigayle Konys USA5.05.05.0
Blue7478Cameron ShawCANCS37Nicholas Yuill CAN6.06.06.0
Yellow2491Connor Snarr420 FLEETSean Michael Taylor CAN6.06.06.0
Yellow5248Solange Pacarar Marion Lafrance-Berger CAN7.07.07.0
Blue7000Gray Snyder Jack Portercanjp26CAN7.07.07.0
Yellow6868Jake Charlton Peter Attersley CAN8.08.08.0
Blue7502JP VecsiCANJV17Hugo Mathiesen CAN8.08.08.0
Blue6873Alexander Hartnett Nathalie Wilson CAN9.09.09.0
Blue6933Adam Vandenbussche Lucas Stabio CAN10.010.010.0
Yellow7425Connor Bey Nathan CororanCANNC13CAN10.010.010.0
Yellow4108Ethan Weldon Keely Gregg USA11.011.011.0
Blue5875Julien Lafrance-Berger Dylan Stermer CAN11.011.011.0
Yellow6926Alec Baird Bobby Fraser CAN12.012.012.0
Yellow6869Riley Nadeau Chase Davey CAN13.013.013.0
Yellow5Brooke Ostrowski Alex(andra) Anderson USA13.0 10%13.013.0
Blue1363Basile MontagneseCANBM34Daniel Rotenberg CAN13.013.013.0
Blue7421Julia Whytock Siobhan Kidd CAN14.014.014.0
Yellow7206Charlotte Williamson Eric O'Brien CAN14.014.014.0
Blue7081Rodrigo AnzolaCANRA7Kyle FeeneyCANKF3CAN15.015.015.0
Yellow5642Samuel FumatCANSF10Daniel PantingCANDP11CAN15.015.015.0
Yellow5638Justin Venturo Avery Sly CAN16.016.016.0
Blue6895Jonathan STRANIX Marcus Johnasson CAN16.016.016.0
Yellow6901Erik SveistrupCANES18Alfonso Carnevale CAN17.017.017.0
Blue7203Ben Berti Campbell Shaw CAN17.017.017.0
Blue6870Melissa Hildebrandt Janaya Jesperson CAN18.018.018.0
Yellow30Alexander LenardonCANDL29David LenardonCandl11CAN18.018.018.0
Blue7099Steven Dieleman Alexander Paul Hillsden CAN19.019.019.0
Yellow7423Chloe Congourdeau Kaeli Flanagan CAN19.019.019.0
Blue8888Kevin Kunz Phillip Masse CAN19.0 20%19.019.0
Yellow7002Emma Heller Keelyn Ingram CAN20.020.020.0
Blue4529Derrick McKeeCANDM49Nick Dotsch CAN20.020.020.0
Blue5641Cal Siemens Emma Pieczonka CAN21.021.021.0
Yellow7137Sarah Christensen Zoe Sherar CAN21.021.021.0
Yellow4523Michael Harries Nassib Jr. Hassouna CAN22.022.022.0
Blue11Daniel HastingsCANDH22Noah Hastings CAN22.022.022.0
Blue2979Alexandra Kiekens Arana Frederick Martel-Plante CAN23.023.023.0
Yellow6072Nathaniel Blackton Reese Markey CAN23.023.023.0
Yellow1052Liam Field Laura Manuge CAN24.024.024.0
Blue6813Andy Berti Alexandre Brillon CAN24.024.024.0
Yellow6786Jessie Won Bryan Lupenette CAN25.025.025.0
Blue6773Natasha Ruiz Nicholas Groh CAN26.026.026.0
Yellow6082Jon Bartonazz Curtis Parker CAN26.026.026.0
Blue3247Meaghan Charlton Annabel Koivucanak24CAN27.027.027.0
Yellow7003Andy Coxford Max Wiseman CAN27.027.027.0
Blue7066Carly Dustin Dante Pettiti CAN28.028.028.0
Yellow6587Aidan ChiuCANAC40Aidan SharpeCANAC40CAN28.028.028.0
Yellow6784Calum Grant Joshua Hayles CAN29.029.029.0
Blue5307Camille CouineauCANEJ5Ethan Johnston CAN29.029.029.0
Blue7148Mike Eliott Tim Elliott CAN29.0 10%29.029.0
Yellow7204Nicholas Spears Colin Strahle CAN30.030.030.0
Yellow2948Adele Desbrisay Sophie Heldman CAN31.031.031.0
Blue6093Paige Janssen Katherine Langhorne CAN31.031.031.0
Blue2381Ayden Watt Sam Chenier CAN37.0 20%37.037.0
Yellow1012Nicholas Elder Parker Phillips CAN38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Blue5228shiloh Outinen Katya Karauishchykova CAN38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Yellow5229Samantha Marrett Taylor Daley CAN38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Blue6279Thor Render WILLIAM RAE CAN38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Blue6791Kainen Tonks-Turcotte Daniel Skinner CAN38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Blue6764Sydney Hanratty Austin Verishine CAN38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Yellow7539Cameron BairdCANCB27Isabella Sieira-Dovali CAN38.0 DSQf38.038.0
Blue7069Simon Walker Blake Newbold CAN38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Yellow7070Thomas Anstey Richard Armstrong CAN38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Yellow7071Evaline Harmsen Matthew Mapula CAN38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Yellow6876Nate Peck TBD TBD USA38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Blue6877Bridget Lawless Maddie Indiano USA38.0 DNFf38.038.0
Red6879Peter Steo Kim KusmunskeyxxUSA112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6883Michael MontagneseCANMM50Iain Doran-DesBrisayCANID7CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6812Owen CluteCANOC3Jackson Jonescanjj15CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6871Brandon Costain Kody Chamberlain CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6872Dustin Carriere Catherine Gagnon CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7067Aaron Charles Trenholme Tanner Irwin-Robertson CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7068Eric Iversen Ewan Lieb CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6934Liam KraussCANLK5Ryan RichardsonCANRR17CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6940Jordan Montpetit Matthew Behr CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7482Holly Opara Alicia Heath CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7276Yves-Alexandre BeebeCANYB2Yves-Alexandre BeebeCANYB2CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7382Lilyan Merovitz-BudningCANLM15Richard Evans-PerdueCANRE7CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7481Jack Spears Mariah Millen CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7152Sarah Sackville Sarah Sackville CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7154miles strathdeeXXXXXedward ferreyxxxxxxCAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red722Alex Birkenshaw Rory Macleod CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7083Julian Lowery Mitchell Lowery CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red7098Emile St Onge Justin Merserau CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6488Mara-Jade Lach Danika Dyer CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6494Caroline Murdoch Mitzi Ellemers CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6770Vikas Mehmi Karl Durtler CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6771Richard Vasquez Nathan Jubinville CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6792Douglas Gillis Christopher Clifford-Rakush CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6266Joel Millar Matthew Newhouse CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red6277Jackson Bennett Chrisha Parker CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red5981Anita Sienkiewicz Charlotte Biricz CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red5984Matthew Zielinski Andrew Kanarek CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red5512Michael Robson Cameron Riegel CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red5647Emily ButlerCANEB12MacKenzie Guy CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red457Chelsey Jussame Sophie Chauvin-Bosse CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red4570Victoria Dunlop Katy McCracken CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red5223Isabella HoelkCANIH5Annaka Hoelk CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red1780JP Martin Wesley Smythe CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red18008Ryan Lind Oliver Triskan CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red2098Lucy Zwigard Ian Down USA112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red4771Andrzej Sienkiewicz Robert Dittrich CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0
Red3217Maija Rix Margaret WIlkins CAN112.0 DNC112.0112.0