Rudder repairs holding on Hugo Boss

Broken rudder on Hugo Boss ©Hugo Boss - Barcelona World Race
Alex Thomson reports from onboard Hugo Boss. He is competing in the Barcelona World Race with Andrew Cape.

The last few days have been perfect sun-tanning weather; hot, sunny and light winds. Our progress has been slow albeit in the right direction, however the further north we sail the stronger the winds will become. Overnight we picked up some good speed which hopefully means we are leaving the light winds behind. Each morning we are greeted by a host of big black squally clouds that deliver plenty of wind and a good dousing of rain. The light winds follow but that is normal for this part of the Atlantic.

Our second repair on the rudder is holding up well and we've been lucky that each time it's been damaged we have been in a position to repair it without stopping completely. If we have to fix it again it will be very expensive in terms of miles lost to the leader. It is pretty difficult to forget about as we can hear and feel it throughout the boat, constantly vibrating like a pneumatic drill!

Losses to the leader have been extensive these last few days and are painful to watch. Hopefully as Paprec Virbac reaches the Doldrums we should pull some miles back. Despite the tricky winds, Capey and I have managed to get some good hours of sleep; something that is becoming increasingly difficult with the inside of the boat resembling a furnace. But hey, better than having to wear a woolly hat and oilskins!

Less than 1,000 Nm to the Equator now and then we are in the right hemisphere. It really feels like we are coming home...

Time: 12:00 GMT
Latitude: 15 33.82' S
Longitude: 32 57.32' W
Position: Second
Average speed: 11.7 knots