Rolex Sydney Hobart 2011 Wild Oats XI retakes lead

WILD OATS XI heads for the trough on the first night of the 2011 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
Rolex Sydney Hobart 2011. Just 12 hours after losing the lead in the 67th annual blue water classic, Bob Oatley’s 100 foot super maxi Wild Oats XI has challenged Anthony Bell’s Investec Loyal in an successful attempt to retake the lead, just on 8am this morning.

Just before 5am this morning Adrienne Cahalan, navigator from Wild Oats XI reported ‘We are watching Loyal closely; we are in light (northerly) breeze heading straight at Tasman Island. Our plan is to handle the shifts are best we can and find a passing lane.’

The two yachts are powering south, they are around 65 miles north of Tasman Light and are expected to sail up the Derwent River this afternoon.

Wild Oats XI is closer to the coast and for 30 minutes she was sailing up to four knots faster than her rival and she reduced the deficit to less than half a mile. Then Invest Loya,l five miles further to sea, hotted up but now Wild Oats XI sailing in more pressure, has surged again and now has a slender lead of less than a mile.

Behind the super maxis at the tail end of Bass Strait, the 50 to 60 foot grand prix yachts led by Stephen Ainsworth’s Loki, are sailing at 10 knots or less in a light and shifty northerly.

The IRC handicap race is currently led by the Victorian TP52 Calm (Jason Van Der Slot), with the 2009 overall winner of the Rolex Sydney Hobart, Two True, the Beneteau 40 owned by Andrew Saies, currently second from the French entry L’Ange De Milon (Jacques Pelletier) in third.

Twelve yachts have now retired, with 76 yachts still racing. The latest casualty was Colin Woods’ Pretty Fly III, which dropped off a crew member in Eden after he suffered a knee injury.

StandingsAt racetime 01:19:00 - 28 December 2011, 8:00am

1Wild Oats XI42° 21' S148° 51' E105.519.919902:02:20:3912.5    
Mark Richards (9) NSW23nm E of Cape Sonnerat28 Dec, 3:20pm
2Investec Loyal42° 24' S148° 58' E106.418.520802:02:40:5712.4    
Anthony Bell (2) NSW28nm E of Cape Sonnerat28 Dec, 3:40pm
3Lahana41° 25' S149° 38' E171.813.318202:11:32:5110.6    
Peter Millard (2) NSW58nm E of St Helens Point29 Dec, 12:32am
4Hugo Boss40° 57' S150° 00' E204.212.124002:18:04:069.5    
Alex Thomson (2) UK75nm E of Eddystone Pt29 Dec, 7:04am
5Loki40° 44' S149° 39' E208.1  02:17:14:199.6   Deduced Reckoning
Stephen Ainsworth (12) NSW61nm E of Eddystone Pt29 Dec, 6:14am
6Living Doll40° 22' S150° 30' E245.98.718202:20:48:539.1    
Michael Hiatt (6) VIC102nm E of Flinders Island29 Dec, 9:48am
7Ichi Ban40° 18' S150° 35' E251.49.817402:22:50:578.9    
Matt Allen (22) NSW105nm E of Flinders Island29 Dec, 11:50am
8Jazz40° 04' S150° 30' E261.49.217103:01:02:498.6    
Chris Bull (4) NSW99nm E of Flinders Island29 Dec, 2:02pm
9Ragamuffin39° 54' S150° 23' E267.310.423403:00:23:268.7    
Syd Fischer (42) NSW93nm E of Flinders Island29 Dec, 1:23pm
10Calm39° 54' S150° 23' E268.18.521103:00:05:178.7    
Jason Van der Slot (6) VIC93nm E of Flinders Island29 Dec, 1:05pm
11Brindabella39° 42' S150° 14' E275.410.418003:10:06:147.7    
Jim Cooney (1) NSW88nm E of Flinders Island29 Dec, 11:06pm
12Scarlet Runner39° 41' S150° 35' E283.88.418803:01:51:208.5    
Robert Date (3) VIC130nm S of Gabo Island29 Dec, 2:51pm
13Cougar II39° 31' S150° 30' E290.78.317203:06:25:068.0    
Anthony Lyall (10) TAS120nm S of Gabo Island29 Dec, 7:25pm
14Southern Excellence39° 30' S150° 36' E294.08.718203:04:51:418.2    
Andrew Wenham (5) NSW120nm S of Gabo Island29 Dec, 5:51pm
15Shogun39° 16' S150° 14' E299.09.019203:22:06:296.7    
Rob Hanna (5) VIC103nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 11:06am
16Strewth39° 22' S150° 56' E308.48.518603:05:15:438.1    
Geoff Hill (14) Hong Kong118nm SE of Gabo Island29 Dec, 6:15pm
17Vamp39° 07' S150° 34' E313.67.019903:16:27:027.1    
Peter Wrigley NSW98nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 5:27am
18Knee Deep39° 10' S150° 45' E314.38.418703:14:35:377.3    
Philip Childs (4) WA104nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 3:35am
19Optimus Prime39° 07' S150° 46' E317.4  03:12:25:487.4   Deduced Reckoning
Trevor Taylor (3) WA101nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 1:25am
20AFR Midnight Rambler38° 58' S150° 32' E321.14.721703:17:06:387.1    
Ed Psaltis (30) NSW89nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 6:06am
21Victoire38° 59' S150° 43' E323.98.618203:20:07:266.8    
Darryl Hodgkinson (1) NSW93nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 9:07am
22St Jude38° 55' S150° 33' E324.46.218903:17:07:527.0    
Noel Cornish (4) NSW86nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 6:07am
23Balance38° 57' S150° 47' E326.78.518603:17:58:087.0    
Paul Clitheroe (4) NSW93nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 6:58am
24Chutzpah38° 46' S150° 31' E331.77.517803:19:23:346.9    
Bruce Taylor (30) VIC78nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 8:23am
25NSC Mahligai38° 48' S150° 43' E334.27.317103:18:38:096.9    
Murray Owen (5) NSW83nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 7:38am
26Last Tango38° 47' S150° 44' E335.13.915003:22:12:206.7    
Phillip King (14) NSW83nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 11:12am
27Minerva38° 46' S150° 41' E335.65.916903:19:06:486.9    
Edward Cox (1) NSW80nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 8:06am
28Two True38° 45' S150° 42' E336.05.615703:17:58:367.0    
Andrew Saies (6) SA80nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 6:58am
29Ocean Affinity38° 39' S150° 26' E337.66.919603:17:51:187.0    
Stewart Lewis (6) QLD69nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 6:51am
30Merit38° 42' S150° 42' E339.45.814905:04:40:025.0    
Leo Rodriguez (3) QLD77nm SE of Gabo Island31 Dec, 5:40pm
31L'ange De Milon38° 40' S150° 40' E340.33.518503:18:03:207.0    
Jacques Pelletier (1) France75nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 7:03am
32Patrice Six38° 40' S150° 44' E342.04.219503:21:30:146.7    
Tony Kirby (27) NSW76nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 10:30am
33TSA Management38° 39' S150° 44' E342.13.919003:20:21:436.8    
Tony Levett (6) NSW76nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 9:21am
34Wasabi38° 39' S150° 44' E342.34.619503:22:12:126.7    
Bruce McKay (2) NSW76nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 11:12am
35Cadibarra 838° 39' S150° 45' E342.65.618803:22:41:156.6    
Paul Roberts (8) VIC76nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 11:41am
36Wild Rose38° 39' S150° 44' E343.16.518203:23:37:436.6    
R Hickman (34) NSW75nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 12:37pm
37Jazz Player38° 36' S150° 39' E343.810.216203:16:06:557.1   Deduced Reckoning
Andrew Lawrence (2) VIC71nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 5:06am
38Dump Truck38° 37' S150° 43' E344.05.918403:21:41:316.7    
Justin Wells (4) TAS74nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 10:41am
39Ella Bache38° 36' S150° 42' E344.33.217703:17:57:037.0    
Jessica Watson NSW72nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 6:57am
40Lunchtime Legend38° 32' S150° 28' E344.47.017604:02:06:186.4    
Robbo Robertson (10) QLD64nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 3:06pm
41Deloitte As One38° 37' S150° 44' E344.56.917803:18:23:057.0    
Chris Lewin (4) NSW74nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 7:23am
42Papillon38° 30' S150° 29' E346.76.218104:00:10:346.5    
Phil Molony (21) NSW62nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 1:10pm
43The Goat38° 28' S150° 25' E346.96.615304:02:51:306.4    
Bruce Foye (11) NSW59nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 3:51pm
44Quetzalcoatl38° 32' S150° 42' E348.06.516403:19:22:186.9    
Antony Sweetapple (8) NSW69nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 8:22am
45Outrageous Fortune38° 21' S150° 10' E349.86.714804:03:55:586.3   Deduced Reckoning
Quintin Fowler New Zealand49nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 4:55pm
46Dodo38° 25' S150° 31' E351.76.915504:03:36:016.3    
Adrian Dunphy (9) NSW58nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 4:36pm
47Whistler38° 27' S150° 41' E352.79.716503:19:03:536.9    
David Rees (14) TAS64nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 8:03am
48Carina38° 19' S150° 21' E354.44.223704:04:15:166.3    
Rives Potts USA50nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 5:15pm
49Mondo38° 17' S150° 14' E354.7  04:03:09:596.3   Deduced Reckoning
Ray Sweeney (2) QLD45nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 4:09pm
50The Banshee38° 17' S150° 15' E354.97.315404:02:15:016.4    
Corinne Feldmann (1) & Rob Francis (4) NSW46nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 3:15pm
51Kiss Goodbye to MS38° 24' S150° 43' E355.88.914803:21:05:106.7    
Tony Warren (3) VIC63nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 10:05am
52Sweethart38° 23' S150° 42' E356.58.516403:22:01:516.7    
Laurence Pidgeon (4) QLD62nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 11:01am
53One For The Road38° 22' S150° 38' E356.78.615903:20:52:076.8    
Kym Butler (3) NSW58nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 9:52am
54Icefire38° 22' S150° 37' E356.79.016003:21:05:406.7    
Peter Tucker NSW58nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 10:05am
55Patrice IV38° 23' S150° 43' E356.97.815703:20:31:376.8    
Shane Wiseman SA62nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 9:31am
56LMR Solar38° 12' S150° 10' E358.16.517104:02:30:386.4    
Michael Martin (3) NSW40nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 3:30pm
57Menace38° 13' S150° 15' E359.06.317004:04:51:416.2    
Niven James (1) NSW42nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 5:51pm
58Martela38° 09' S150° 03' E360.06.817204:04:48:276.2    
Anthony Williams (4) TAS35nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 5:48pm
59Mille Sabords38° 14' S150° 28' E361.57.514203:22:40:486.6    
Stephane Howarth (1) VIC48nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 11:40am
60Copernicus38° 03' S150° 06' E366.36.316704:06:20:116.1    
Greg Zyner (4) NSW30nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 7:20pm
61Wave Sweeper38° 07' S150° 23' E366.97.815804:02:06:356.4    
Andrey Arbuzov (1) NSW39nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 3:06pm
62Willyama37° 56' S149° 54' E370.37.618804:02:01:546.4    
Richard Barron (10) NSW22nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 3:01pm
63Bacardi37° 54' S149° 58' E372.87.218104:05:04:256.2    
Martin Power (9) VIC20nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 6:04pm
64Chancellor37° 51' S149° 52' E374.56.518804:07:18:336.1    
Ted Tooher (6) NSW18nm S of Gabo Island30 Dec, 8:18pm
65Flying Fish Arctos38° 05' S150° 48' E374.99.915204:02:49:276.4    
John Naylor (30) & Duncan Macalister (1) NSW52nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 3:49pm
66Samurai Jack37° 49' S150° 36' E386.88.716704:08:18:156.0    
Michael Lazzarini (1) QLD36nm SE of Gabo Island30 Dec, 9:18pm
67Nutcracker37° 39' S150° 05' E389.06.120104:17:31:285.5    
Robert Davis / David Clancy VIC9nm SE of Gabo Island31 Dec, 6:31am
68Fullynpushing37° 39' S150° 12' E391.16.319604:08:11:546.0    
Andrew Griffiths VIC14nm E of Gabo Island30 Dec, 9:11pm
69She37° 36' S150° 28' E397.68.417104:10:27:385.9    
Peter Rodgers (16) NSW28nm SE of Green Cape30 Dec, 11:27pm
70Not Negotiable37° 31' S150° 26' E401.98.017304:13:28:525.7    
John Rayner TAS24nm SE of Green Cape31 Dec, 2:28am
71Natelle Two37° 24' S150° 06' E403.85.116405:00:36:355.2    
Laura Roper TAS9nm S of Green Cape31 Dec, 1:36pm
72Kioni37° 17' S150° 03' E410.16.419206:17:18:213.9    
Rowan McColl (5) NSW1nm S of Green Cape2 Jan, 6:18am
73Aurora37° 15' S150° 03' E412.36.717307:10:47:003.5    
Jim Holley (23) NSW1nm N of Green Cape2 Jan, 11:47pm
74Nemesis37° 02' S150° 35' E430.97.315105:19:41:344.5    
Jeffery Taylor (1) USA29nm NE of Green Cape1 Jan, 8:41am
75Maluka Of Kermandie36° 56' S150° 11' E431.96.216505:14:24:374.7    
Peter Langman NSW21nm N of Green Cape1 Jan, 3:24am
76Eressea36° 43' S150° 37' E449.95.816608:04:57:223.2    
John Bankart (4) QLD33nm SE of Montague Island3 Jan, 5:57pm
 Shepherd Centre*Retired - at Sea      
Hugh Torode (3) NSW  
 Elektra*Retired - at Port      
Peter Gregory NSW  
 Alacrity*Retired - at Port      
Chris Percy QLD  
 ColorTile*Retired - at Sea      
Warren Buchan (1) NSW  
 Alchemy III*Retired - at Port      
Jarrod Ritchie (1) TAS  
 Pretty Fly III*Retired - at Port      
Colin Woods (5) NSW  
 Illusion*Retired - at Sea      
Christopher Bowling (17) NSW  
 Duende*Retired - at Sea      
Damien Parkes (24) NSW  
 Ffreefire 52*Retired - at Sea      
Anthony Day Hong Kong  
 Accenture Yeah Baby*Retired - at Port      
Marc Ryckmans (5) NSW  
 Celestial*Retired - at Port      
Sam Haynes (1) NSW  
 Wild Thing*Retired - at Sea      
Grant Wharington (23) QLD  


Shepherd Centre - Retired - HF Problems - heading to Hobart
Elektra - Retired- Engine problems - at Eden
Alacrity - Retired - Rig damage - at Eden
ColorTile - Retired - Rig damage - Heading Eden
Alchemy III - Retired - Rig damage - at Eden
Pretty Fly III - Retired - at Eden
Illusion - Retired - Hull damage - heading Sydney
Duende - Retired - Engine problems - Heading Sydney
Ffreefire 52 - Retired - Mainsail track damage - Heading Sydney
Accenture Yeah Baby - Retired - gear failure - at Sydney
Celestial - Retired: Broken Gooseneck - at Sydney
Wild Thing - Retired - sail damage - heading Sydney