Rolex Fastnet Race- Rambler capsize videos, interviews and images

Rambler crew with the bulb-less keel of the upturned yacht clearly visible - photos from the Fastnet Race rescue taken by Nigel Millard
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Yesterday the supermaxi, Rambler 100, the fastest supermaxi in the world, and widely expected to take the monohull record for the Fastnet race, capsized. Her keel fell off soon after rounding Fastnet Rock.

Although five of her crew became separated from the yacht, all 21 were rescued. Here are the latest videos and images of the Rambler capsize and comment!Click_here for a Press association interview with Rambler's helmsman on his crew's escape from the yacht as she rolled!Click_here for the crews return to shore, and interview with Erle Williams and other post-race comment

From Sky News

Still frame sequence of images of the capsize

Interview with the owner of the Rambler 100 yacht speaking in Baltimore, Co Cork, the morning after his boat capsized during the Rolex Fastnet Race off the South Coast of Cork, Ireland.