Rise to the occasion with the Quadrofoil!

Quadrofoil prototype
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For the gadget mad, the Quadrofoil is the method of transport and on-water fun for you!

This state of the art, electric-powered water scooter with underwater wings was designed by Ermin Kosovel in Slovenia.

The wings allow the craft to raise the hull out of the water at speeds above 12km/h. The reduced water resistance allows the rider to achieve higher speeds while consuming just a fraction of the energy of traditional water scooters and PWC.

The bionically designed wings resemble whale fins and are made of sophisticated carbon fibre, reducing the water resistance by 30% compared to other PWC.

The entire vessel weighs 100kg and can achieve speeds up to 40km/h. A BMS control system takes care of the battery contained in the housing. Inside, the steering wheel is direct and ergonomically designed, with LCD screen displaying all relevant information: GPS, maximum range, battery cell life, engine functioning. The quadrofoil accommodates two passengers and seats can be custom-designed to suit.

The deck lid is waterproof and closes with a magnet, allowing ease of opening. There is also a luggage compartment to store 100L of equipment and gear for a day trip!

With a myriad of applications, from personal use to research and tourism, the Quadrofoil is a versatile PWC with a twist.

Its developers are currently looking for partners in the Asia-Pacific region and could soon be seen on the boat show circuit in Australia.

More at www.quadrofoil.com/en