Reduce the Juice

Seawind 1160 has low fuel consumption
In a time of economic uncertainty and rising fuel prices, the world’s motorists are being forced to consider alternative power sources with new experimental hybrid vehicles. However mariners have had the luxury an alternative fuel source for centuries…sails!

The modern catamaran however takes the concept of sailing and all the benefits of unlimited fuel economy and range that has always been available and combines these fundamental principles with a vessel that offers exceptional accommodation, enormous living space, and a stable and safe platform (characteristics of which you would expect from a motor cruiser).

Seawind Catamarans have taken things the catamaran design a step further by developing a series of sailing systems onboard that make the Seawind range amongst the easiest sailboats to operate in the world, and therefore more accessible for those how do not have sailing experience. These systems include:

- Self-Tacking Jib sail
- Twin Helm with finger tip sail controls nearby
- ALL sail controls lead back to the cockpit
- Complete Single Line Reefing
- Lazy-Jack Sail Cover for easy packing of mainsail
- Electric Sheet Winch for push button raising of mainsail
- Proven, safe and reliable hull design for Blue Water Cruising.

These features make the Seawind range of sailing catamarans incredible easy for the novice sailor to pick up on, combined with some onboard sail training now available through Seawind catamarans.

To compliment the sail power provided, each Seawind is standard with diesel or petrol motors for their reliability and ease of servicing. However at a fuel consumption rate of just 4 litres per hour, these are still very efficient. A couple of typical delivery trips can highlight just how economical cruising on a Seawind can be:

- Sydney to Whitsundays – Seawind 1160 - Delivery trip by delivery skipper
- Distance 1000 miles
- Fuel Consumed: 150 liters
- Australia to New Zealand – Seawind 1160 - Delivery trip by owner
- Distance 1450 miles
- Fuel Consumed: 145 liters

Though the fuel consumed is obviously reliant on the wind and sea conditions at the time of sailing, these examples give you an idea of how efficient cruising can be on a Seawind. Compare these figures with that of a motor cruiser and they are likely to be ocean’s apart!

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