Racing delayed again at the Louis Vuitton Cup

BMW Oracle Racing passes by the Race Committee boat on the cancelled Day 4

Conditions proved unsuitable for racing again at the Louis Vuitton Cup in Valencia.

Four full days of racing have now had to be postponed due to the wind never having been strong and stable enough to start a match.

On Thursday, there were moments in the afternoon when it appeared as if the wind gods would smile on the competitors and provide enough of a sea breeze for racing. But conditions were never stable across the race areas for a long enough time to start a race. In fact, measurements from the race course areas rarely showed the wind breaking through the 7 knot barrier.

For teams, fans and race organisers alike, it has been a frustrating week: 'As event organisers, we are obviously very disappointed with the current situation,' acknowledged Michel Bonnefous, the CEO of the organising authority for the 32nd America’s Cup. 'Four days of racing have been lost due to the unusual weather circumstances across Southern Europe. A situation like this couldn’t be anticipated. None of the historical weather data recorded for this period of the year in Valencia showed the possibility of four consecutive non-sailable days. In fact, for the eight Louis Vuitton Acts that took place here only two full days of racing were lost.

'This situation clearly affects the running order of the competition and we are currently in discussion with the Regatta Director and the Challenger Commission to determine what, if anything, should be done as far as the racing schedule for the next few days is concerned.'

Despite the frustration at not having suitable conditions, the competitors supported the decision not to race: 'The Race Committee did the right thing,' said BMW ORACLE Racing strategist Eric Doyle. 'We would rather have no racing than bad racing. Everybody understands that this sort of thing happens.'

Flights 1 to 8 of Round Robin One have now all been pushed onto reserve days or deeper into the schedule. On Friday, the first reserve day of Round Robin One, Flights 1 and 2, which were lost on Monday, are scheduled to be raced.